All International Students are required to attend the All-CGU New Student Orientation and the I-Place International Student Orientation and Check-In.

All-CGU New Student Orientation
The All-CGU New Student Orientation is designed to familiarize you with important aspects of graduate student life at CGU. At Orientation, you will receive information on student services and resources at CGU, as well as program-specific information from your department of study.

I-Place International Student Orientation and Check-In
Upon arrival at CGU, all International students are required to attend the New International Student and Scholar Orientation (NISSO) , presented by International Place (I-Place) . Students should follow these steps:

  • Find out dates and times
  • Register for the event
  • Sign up for a Check-In appointment with an International Student advisor on the CGU campus. Check-in is mandatory prior to registering for classes.

International Student Check-In Requirements

  • Passport
    All newly attending international students must bring passport, I-94 card, and visa (F or J).
  • Tuberculosis Testing
    Student Health Services requires that all new international students submit the Graduate Medical History Report , and undergo screening or provide proof of tuberculosis testing before the start of the semester.
  • Health Insurance
    CGU requires that all international students with F-1 visas pay the International Student Services Fee , which includes the ISO accident and sickness plan. J-1 visa holders are not required to enroll in CGU’s ISO plan, but must have insurance in effect that covers sickness and accidents during the time of their exchange visitor program.