The International Scholars Program (ISP) equips international, multilingual students with the linguistic, cultural, and communicative competence needed for successful completion of coursework in their chosen field(s) of study at CGU.

The ISP offers preparatory courses for all incoming or current international students.

  • You will learn the expectations and genres of North American academic culture while developing your skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and presenting.
  • You can access complementary programs like workshops, conversation groups, and one-on-one appointments that support CGU’s international student population.
  • If you test below your program’s direct entry requirements, the ISP Pathways Program provides a route for you to gain full admission into CGU.


Academic English Preparation Courses

All international students can benefit from additional preparation for the unique context and demands of the North American graduate classroom. Our ISP Preparation Courses cover graduate-level conventions and expectations while simultaneously improving your written, oral, and aural academic English. The courses are taught in a convenient online asynchronous modality, so you can work through the course content at any time, from anywhere. You can take one or both courses, and optional one-on-one synchronous sessions with ISP staff are included in the price. Optional writing consultations at the Center for Writing & Rhetoric also complement the curriculum and can be set up at no additional charge.

  • ISP 202: Graduate Writing & Research for International Students ($750)
  • ISP 203: Graduate Listening & Speaking for International Students ($750)

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Pathways Program Entrance Requirements

Depending on your level of English proficiency, you may be required to take either both Tiers 1 & 2 or only Tier 2 of the ISP Pathways Program. Achieving a grade of B or better in the courses of a tier enables you to proceed to the next tier. Upon successful completion of the International Scholars Program, you will proceed to your graduate program of study and receive a certificate of achievement.

Academic Entrance Requirements

  • You must first be admitted to a CGU academic program to be eligible for the International Scholars Program.

English Entrance Requirements
If you score in these ranges, you will be required to take the ISP Pathways Program.

Tier 1 Tier 2
Start date must be during a module 1 Start any time during a module 1 or 2
TOEFL iBT 75–84 / IELTS 6.0–6.4 / Pearson PTE 50–57 TOEFL iBT 85–94 / IELTS 6.5–7.0 / Pearson PTE 58–65

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The ISP Pathways Program utilizes an asynchronous modality with integrated one-on-one synchronous meetings, so you can take the program on your own schedule, from anywhere.

Tier 1

  • ISP 201: Academic Writing & Research I
  • ISP 205: Academic Listening & Speaking I

Tier 2

  • ISP 251: Academic Writing & Research II
  • ISP 255: Academic Listening & Speaking II
  • TNDY 304: Traversing the Transdisciplinary Imagination (optional)*

*TNDY 304 is a 2-unit in-person course, offered as an intensive course over the last 2 weeks of the summer semester only. This course extends the asynchronous content of the 2 tiers and helps facilitate the arrival of students who want to come to Claremont in late May, June, or early July.



The program is offered on a rolling basis throughout the year.


Program Tuition & Fees

Tier 1 Fee: $2,000
Tier 2 Fee: $2,000
Total Program: $4,000

There is an optional 2-unit course, TNDY 304, available to ISP students during the last 2 weeks of the summer semester. Standard CGU tuition of $3,960 applies.*

*CGU fellowships cannot be applied to Tier Fees, but the optional class tuition may have prorated fellowships applied.


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