The International Scholars Program (ISP) is specially designed for non-native English-speaking international students who are ready for graduate study. It will prepare you for the rigors of graduate study through an integrated cluster of classes that will refine your language, research, and participation skills. ISP is not your typical “language program”; it is designed to help you succeed in graduate-level courses by teaching you about the practices and expectations of American academic and business culture.

Entrance Requirements

The International Scholars Program is open to any incoming CGU international student who wishes to improve English academic skills prior to graduate study. Depending upon your level of English proficiency, you will enter at either Module 1 or Module 2. When you achieve a grade of B or better in all of the courses in your Module, you will proceed to the next Module. Upon successful completion of the International Scholars Program, you will proceed to your graduate program of study and receive a certificate of achievement.

Academic Entrance Requirements

  • You must first be admitted to a CGU academic program to be eligible for the International Scholars Program.

English Entrance Requirements
Any international student may opt to take ISP. Some may be required. If you have scored in these ranges, you will be required to take ISP.

  • Module 1: TOEFL iBT 75-84 / IELTS 6.0 / PearsonPTE 50-57
  • Module 2: TOEFL iBT 85-94 / IELTS 6.5-7.0 / PearsonPTE 58-65
    • IELTS scores of 7.0 with no sub-section lower than 6.5, eligible for direct entry without need to take ISP.



Module 1

Course Title
Foundations in Graduate Academic Discourse I,
Reading and Writing
Foundations in Graduate Academic Discourse I,
Listening and Speaking
Foundations in Graduate Research I
Foundations in Graduate Learning Strategies

Module 2

Course Title
Foundations in Graduate Academic Discourse II,
Reading and Writing
Foundations in Graduate Academic Discourse II,
Listening and Speaking
Foundations in Graduate Research II
TNDY A 2-unit graduate level course
Foundations in Graduate Presentation



The program is offered two times a year in summer and fall semesters.

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Program Tuition & Fees 2021-2022*

Module 1 Fee: $6,250
Module 2 Fee: $6,250
Module 2 Tuition: $3,960*
Total Program: $16,460


*Please be advised this tuition fee is for 2 units of graduate credit for a TNDY course that will be taken in module 2 and will apply to your academic degree program.
**CGU fellowships cannot be applied to Module Fees, but Module 2 Tuition may have prorated fellowships applied.


Contact Us

Phone: 909-607-0044
Email: isp@cgu.edu
Address: 135 E. 12th Street

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SheriAnn Simpson

Director, International Scholars Program (ISP)