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The Master of Arts in International Political Economy (MAIPE) trains students to analyze increasingly complex global interactions and to address large-scale political and economic uncertainties.

Assessing globalization’s effects within the interconnected realms of politics, economics, and policy requires a new set of specialized educational tools. The MAIPE program emphasizes deep theoretical understanding in international politics and economics, combined with a strong set of methodological skills that prepare you for the challenges of competition in market economies around the globe. You’ll develop basic skills in microeconomics and macroeconomics while mastering the major conceptual approaches to world politics and international political economy. Students focusing on international economics usually emphasize formal models and econometrics in their methodological training, while those primarily interested in politics emphasize decision theory and statistics. All students are encouraged to develop the sophisticated computer skills most useful in applied situations.

Program Highlights

Program At a Glance

36 units

2 years

*This estimate assumes full-time registration and pursuit of the degree. Actual completion times will vary and may be higher, depending on full- or part-time course registration, units transferred, and time to complete other degree requirements.

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Politics and Policy

Division of Politics & Economics

MA in International Political Economy

Featured Courses

ECON 350
Global Money & Finance

Global monetary and financial issues have captured the interest of economists for very many years, with recent international events including the global financial crisis in 2008/09 and the economic and financial consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic only serving to shine an even stronger light on them.

ECON 370
World Economy

This class links trade theory with exchange rates, balance of payments, international finance combining international trade and international finance using both microeconomic principles and macroeconomic underpinnings.

PP 401
World Politics

This core seminar is designed to provide a broad survey of competing perspectives on international relations. It will evaluate and contrast major approaches to international politics in decision making, confrontation, deterrence, and political economy.

SPE 410
Political Economy of International Development

This course is about political institutions and economic development. In recent years, there has been a surge of literature on political and economic development, at the very heart of which is the relationship between political systems and economic performance.

SPE 411
International Political Economy

This course offers an introduction to major theories and topics in international political economy for graduate students. It is intended to help graduate students begin to think about how to contribute to the current research frontier in IPE.

SPE 471
Strategic Modeling for Politics, Economics & Business Decisions

The goal of this course is to provide students with an understanding of several decision-making approaches in political science. The course is divided into four substantive sections emphasizing both theory and applications.


Core Course Requirement (16 units)

  • World Politics (4 units)
  • The World Economy: Trade and Finance (4 units)
  • International Political Economy (4 units)
  • Political Economy of International Development (4 units)

Research Tools (12 units)

  • Introduction to Statistical Analysis (4 units)
  • Advanced Quantitative Research Methods (4 units) AND
  • Applied Data Analysis (various letters and topic) (4 units) OR
  • Game Theory (4 units)  OR
  • Strategic Modeling for Politics, Economics & Business Decisions (4 units) OR
  • Computational Tools for Social Science (4 units)

Electives (8 units of approved classes)

Main options; other options are available with advisor approval and departmental notification.

  • Global Money and Finance (4 units)
  • Modern Macroeconomics: Analysis, Policy, and Applications (4 units)
  • Contemporary Issues in International Finance and Economic Development (4 units)
  • Globalization & Regional Integration (4 units)
  • Political Economy of China (4 units)
Faculty & Research
Mark Abdollahian profile image

Mark Abdollahian

Full Clinical Professor

Research Interests

Strategic Decision Making, International Political Economy, Sustainable Development

Carlos Algara profile image

Carlos Algara

Mary Toepelt Nicolai and George S. Blair Assistant Professor

Research Interests

American politics, the United States Congress, ideological representation, electoral politics, elite institutions

Heather E. Campbell profile image

Heather E. Campbell

Thornton F. Bradshaw Professor of Public Policy
Director, Division of Politics & Economics

Research Interests

Public Policy, Urban Environmental Policy, Environmental Justice

Yi Feng profile image

Yi Feng

Luther Lee Jr. Memorial Chair Professor

Research Interests

International Political Economy, International Relations, Political Economy of China and Latin America, Quantitative Methodology

Jacek Kugler profile image

Jacek Kugler

Elisabeth Helm Rosecrans Professor of International Relations

Research Interests

Causes and Consequences of War, Political Performance, Power Transition

Tanu Kumar profile image

Tanu Kumar

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Development, political behavior, urban politics, digital technology

Tyler Reny profile image

Tyler Reny

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

American Politics, Racial and Ethnic Politics, Political Behavior, Public Opinion, Political Psychology

Javier Rodríguez profile image

Javier Rodríguez

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Public & Health Policy, Social Inequality, Quantitative Methods for Social Science Research

Melissa Rogers profile image

Melissa Rogers

Associate Professor, Politics & Policy
Co-Director, Inequality and Policy Research Center
Field Chair, Comparative Politics
Field Chair, American Politics

Research Interests

Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Economic Inequality


Affiliated & Extended Faculty

In addition CGU’s core international studies faculty, students may take courses with tenured or tenure-track international studies faculty throughout The Claremont Colleges.

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