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  • Degrees
    PhD, Political Science, University of California, San Diego
    MA, Political Science, University of California, San Diego
    BA, Political Science and International Relations, Brown University
  • Research Interests
    Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Economic Inequality

Melissa Rogers is co-director of the Inequality and Policy Research Center, and an associate professor of international studies in the Division of Politics & Economics at Claremont Graduate University. She works in the fields of comparative politics, political geography, political economy, Latin American politics, and comparative political institutions. Rogers earned her PhD from the University of California, San Diego, and her BA from Brown University.

Rogers’s specialty is the political economy of inequality. Her research focuses on the territorial incidence of inequality and its effects on national policymaking, national state-building, and the development of the fiscal state. Her first book examined the role of political institutions in shaping distribution of resources to economic classes and geographic regions. She has two new books: Geography, Capacity, and Inequality I: Spatial Inequality and Geography, Capacity, and Inequality II: Redistribution. Both were published with Cambridge University Press in 2022. Rogers has published in the Journal of Politics, Political Analysis, Regional Studies, Political Research Quarterly, Politics Groups and Identities, Review of International Organization, and Latin American Research Review, among other top journals.

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McManus 232

Co-authored with Zoe Nemerever. “Measuring the Rural Continuum in Political Science.” Political Analysis, (2020).

Co-authored with Dong Wook Lee. “Measuring Geographic Distribution for Political Research.” Political Analysis, (2019).

Co-authored with Pablo Beramendi. “Decentralization and the Distributive Incidence of the Great Recession.” Regional Studies, (2020).

Co-authored with Jean Schroedel, et al. “Assessing the Efficacy of Early Voting Access on Indian Reservations.” Politics, Groups, and Identities, (2020).

Co-authored with Benjamin Acosta. “When Militant Organizations Lose Militarily but Win Politically.” Cooperation and Conflict, (2020).

“Federalism and the Welfare State in Latin America.” Regional and Federal Studies, (2020).

Wealth, Poverty & Inequality
Politics of Non-Democratic Countries
Politics of Developing Countries
Democracy & Development
Comparative Political Institutions
Comparative Political Economy
Political & Economic Development in Latin America
Comparative Political Parties & Elections
Qualitative & Mixed-Methods Research
Foreign Policy of Latin America