A holistic understanding of the field, exposure to cutting-edge transdisciplinary research, and commitment to practice and problem solving are the hallmarks of CGU’s PhD program in Economics.

The PhD in economics provides in-depth economics scholarship from the historical underpinnings of the field to its most current advances, including behavioral economics and neuroeconomics. The Division of Politics & Economics promotes practice-based scholarship that embraces the scientific method to better understand how people make decisions. You’ll acquire expertise in contemporary economics through the lenses of marketing and human variability, collaborating with top scholars impacting the field today. Our PhD in Economics prepares you to advance individual and social well-being in a variety of public- and private-sector careers. Alumni include chaired professors, finance ministers, CEOs, and more.

Program Highlights
  • Our graduates enroll in postdoctoral studies at top universities and secure tenure-track professorships at business schools, colleges, and universities.
  • As members of The Claremont Colleges, Economics PhD students have access to one-of-a-kind support and infrastructure that prepare them for career success.
  • Join Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE), the International Honor Society for Economics, to enhance your academic career.
  • You can pursue a PhD in Economics in conjunction with another degree program at CGU, such as an MA in Psychology. You earn a diploma for each degree and  “double count” some units from one program to the other to decrease your required total units.

Program at a Glance

72 units

3–5 years

Cost Per Unit 2016–2017: $1,847

Fall | Spring | Summer

Division of Politics & Economics

PhD in Economics

Featured Courses

SPE 315
Game Theory

Analyzes the strategic interaction between individuals, firms, governments, and other groups of people.

ECON 316
Consumer Theory & General Equilibrium

Focuses on the modern mathematical treatment of consumer demand, theory of the firm, markets, welfare optimization, and general equilibrium.

ECON 302
Macroeconomic Analysis

Explores the potential causes of short-run fluctuations in output and employment by examining both market-clearing and non-market-clearing explanations and more.

ECON 303
Dynamic General Equilibrium Models

Examines modern macroeconomic analysis to understand key macroeconomic variables such as output, unemployment, inflation, interest rates, and more.

ECON 382
Econometrics I

Explores the theory and application of simple and multiple regression analysis and the background needed for more advanced theoretical and applied econometrics courses.

ECON 381
Probability & Statistics for Economists

Teaches fundamental concepts of probability theory, Bayes’ rule, notions of discrete and continuous distributions, hypothesis testing, and other necessary statistical instruments.

Areas of Concentration


Faculty & Research

  • Paul Zak profile image

    Paul Zak

    Professor of Economic Sciences, Psychology & Management
    Chair, Department of Economic Sciences
    Director, Center for Neuroeconomics Studies

    Research Interests

    Neuroeconomics, Neuroscience of narratives, Neuromanagement

  • C. Monica Capra profile image

    C. Monica Capra

    Professor of Economics

    Research Interests

    Experimental economics, Behavioral economics, Neuroeconomics

  • Joshua Tasoff profile image

    Joshua Tasoff

    Associate Professor of Economic Sciences

    Research Interests

    Behavior economics, Experimental economics, Microbial economics

  • Robert Klitgaard profile image

    Robert Klitgaard

    University Professor

    Research Interests

    Public policy, Economic strategy, Institutional reform, Corruption

  • Tom Kniesner profile image

    Tom Kniesner

    University Professor

    Research Interests

    Labor economics, Health economics, Econometrics

  • Jorge Barraza profile image

    Jorge Barraza

    Research Assistant Professor of Economic Sciences

    Research Interests

    Experimental economics, Behavioral economics, Affect and prosocial decision making

  • Graham Bird profile image

    Graham Bird

    Clinical Professor of Economic Sciences

    Research Interests

    International finance, international macroeconomics, economic development

  • Thomas Willett profile image

    Thomas Willett

    Horton Professor of Economics
    Director, Claremont Institute for Economic Studies

    Research Interests

    International and monetary economics, Political economy, Economic policy

Where You Can Find Our Alumni

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