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Offered jointly by the Drucker School of Management and the Division of Politics & Economics, the dual MBA and PhD in Political Science undertakes a comprehensive examination of the global economy from both business and political economy perspectives.

This innovative dual-degree program combines PhD-level research in political science with an abbreviated MBA or Executive MBA from the world-renowned Drucker School of Management. You’ll develop advanced analytical thinking and research abilities while studying a full range of business disciplines, with particular focus on strategic, proactive decision making and problem solving. Leading faculty-scholars from both fields impart the skills, knowledge, and experience that will qualify you for competitive careers in the nonprofit sector, corporate arena, government, consulting, academia, and more.

Program Highlights

Program at a Glance

96 units

5 years

*Program completion times may vary depending on course registration, units transferred, and time to complete other degree requirements.

Fall | Spring | Summer

PhD in Political Science, MBA

Featured Courses

MGT 325
The Drucker Difference

Focuses on individual, organizational, and societal issues raised by Peter Drucker and explores their implications in different functional areas of management.

MGT 335
Corporate Finance

Develops understanding of financial decision making—including investment decisions, financing decisions, and their interaction—and examines the underlying framework of corporate finance, including valuation, market efficiency, portfolio theory, agency costs, and information costs.

PP 482
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods

Examines regression analysis, focusing partly on theoretical issues and partly on practical problems in applied regression to prepare students for advanced study of econometric techniques.

PP 430
Perspectives in Conflict & Peace

This class will review current theories of international and domestic conflict including proposals that lead to their resolution.

MGT 321
Marketing Management

Examines the process of strategic marketing management and provides tools and methods to examine marketing environments, understand consumer and organizational buying behavior, develop and promote new products, manage existing products, and more.

Program Requirements

All students completing a dual degree with an MBA complete 48 of the 60 units for the Drucker MBA program at the Drucker School but can apply 12 units from their second degree toward the MBA. The number of units accepted from Drucker by other CGU degrees will vary depending on their academic requirements. All MBA students, including those earning dual degrees, are required to take all core classes related to management. Dual degrees can still choose to complete a formal concentration in the MBA program.

Unit Breakdown

Faculty & Research

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