Portrait of Mark Blitz

Mark Blitz is Fletcher Jones Professor of Political Philosophy and director of the Henry Salvatori Center for the Study of Individual Freedom at Claremont McKenna College. His research interests include political science, American politics, ancient philosophy (particularly Plato), and 21st-century philosophy (particularly Heidegger).

Blitz received his BA and PhD in Political Science from Harvard University. He served during the Reagan Administration as associate director of the United States Information Agency and as a senior professional staff member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. He has also been vice president of the Hudson Institute and has taught political theory at Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania. He serves on several boards, including the Society of Scholars at Princeton University, the Children’s Education Center of Claremont, and the Delba Winthrop Prize committee.

Blitz has received numerous teaching awards, including the American Political Science Association Award for Outstanding Teaching (2008), the Crocker Award for Merit from Claremont McKenna College (2007), and the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of Pennsylvania.

He is the author of many peer-reviewed articles, including “Understanding Heidegger on Technology,” which appeared in The New Atlantis (2014); “Hegel and Secularism” in Enlightenment and Secularism (2013); and “Conservative Philistines” in Defining Ideas (2013). He has published numerous books, including Conserving Liberty, Plato’s Political Philosophy, Duty Bound: Responsibility and American Public Life, and Heidegger’s ‘Being and Time’ and the Possibility of Political Philosophy. Together with William Kristol, he is co-editor of Educating the Prince.

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