Portrait of JEanne Nakamura

Jeanne Nakamura is an associate professor in the Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences at Claremont Graduate University. She co-founded the Positive Psychology concentration and directs the Quality of Life Research Center, a nonprofit research institute dedicated to the study of positive psychology, the science of such human strengths as creativity, intrinsic motivation, and responsibility. Throughout her career, she has investigated positive psychology in a developmental context, including engagement and creativity, mentoring and good work, and aging well.

She received her BA in Behavioral Sciences and PhD in the Psychology of Human Development from the University of Chicago. Since then, she has taught courses and workshops at the University of Chicago, Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, University of Aarhuus in Copenhagen, and Claremont Graduate University. Nakamura’s research has been funded by grants from the Spencer Foundation, Encore.org, and the John Templeton Foundation. She is studying positive aging with support from the John Templeton Foundation (2017–2019).

She has also helped direct the GoodWork Project, a series of studies of excellence and social responsibility in professional life. The project, co-founded by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, is a research unit of Harvard Project Zero, of Harvard Graduate School of Education. In addition to her involvement in this project, Nakamura is a board member for the Center for a New American Dream, an expert advisor for Developing Virtue in the Practice of Science at the University of Notre Dame, and a board member of the International Positive Psychology Association.

Her current writing and research address motivation and engagement in adulthood, the formative influences of mentoring and the formation of good mentors, and social innovation after 60 as a model for positive aging. She has several forthcoming publications in press, including “Positive Aging” and “The Experience of Flow” in The Handbook of Positive Psychology.

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