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The MA in Psychology with a concentration in Applied Social Psychology gives you knowledge of social psychology with a specific focus on its application to intervention and policy in the real world of health behavior and social issues.

The Applied Social Psychology curriculum explores contemporary research in the core areas of social psychology—influence and persuasion, attitudes and behavior, social and behavioral change, and group and intergroup processes. It integrates this research with applied research methods and evaluation science, focusing on the translational relevance of social psychology to health and social issues. Health behavior and other social issues are significant global social problems that are not only exploding foci of behavioral science research, but also an area where social psychological knowledge is applied to inform policy and intervention—for example, by institutions such as the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

Program Highlights
Colloquia and Conference Series

The social psychology program hosts several colloquia and conference series, including:

Program At a Glance

48 units

2 years

*Program completion times may vary depending on course registration, units transferred, and time to complete other degree requirements.

Fall | Spring | Summer

Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences

MA in Psychology

Featured Courses

Overview of Social Psychology

Offers broad introduction to the major themes that characterize the vibrant, active, and well-researched field of social psychology.

Applying Principles of Social and Behavioral Change

Examines how the social psychology of attitudes and behavior change, and social influence and persuasion, can inform attempts to create changes in socially important contexts such as health and social justice.

Applying Principles of Group Influence

Explores how the social psychology of group processes and intergroup relations can help us understand the dynamics of social issues such as health behavior, conflict and disadvantage, and thus intervene to solve such social problems.



16 units in Social Psychology: Health and Social Issues

Year 1: Foundations & Principles of Change

  • Overview of social psychology (4 units)
  • Applying principles of social and behavioral change (4 units)

Year 2: Group behavior & Intervention development

  • Applying principles of group influences (4 units)
  • Intervention development (4 units)

22 units in Applied Research Methods (12 units) and Evaluation (10 units)
All students take these existing courses which are also taken by other MA students:

  • Intermediate statistics (2 units)
  • Analysis of variance (2 units)
  • Applied multiple regression (2 units)
  • Categorical data analysis (2 units)
  • Research methods (4 units)
  • Foundations of evaluation (2 units)
  • Comparative evaluation theory (4 units)
  • Evaluation procedures (4 units)
10 units of electives
Students chose 10 units of electives from across the department’s offerings. Those focused on health might consider offerings from the School of Community & Global Health, and students more broadly interested in social change might consider offerings from the social sciences or religion. Since this is an applied MA the department may consider providing oversight for internship opportunities. Students who are considering subsequently applying for a PhD program, at Claremont Graduate University or elsewhere, will be encouraged to attend a relevant lab or enroll in a research practicum as an elective.

Faculty & Research
Extended Faculty

Mark Costanzo

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

Death penalty, expert testimony, non-verbal communication, social psychology

Jennifer Feitosa

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

Culture, Diversity, Organizational Psychology, Statistics, Teams, Teamwork, Workplace Issues and Trends

Steffanie Guillermo

Pitzer College

Research Interests

Racial/ethnic stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination, Threat perceptions, Bias against immigrants, Racial/ethnic health disparities

Shana Levin

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

Social psychology

Allen Omoto

Pitzer College

Research Interests

Social psychology; volunteerism and prosocial action; environmental concerns; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues; sense of community; civic engagement and civil society

Adam Pearson

Pomona College

Research Interests

Social psychology of sustainability and climate change, social cognition, intergroup relations, disparities, stereotyping and prejudice

Piercarlo Valdesolo

Claremont McKenna College

Research Interests

Social psychology, moral judgment and behavior

Robin Vallacher

Florida Atlantic University

Research Interests

Dynamical social psychology, action identification, social judgment, self-concept, interpersonal dynamics, conflict and social justice

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