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Becky Reichard holds the position of full professor in the Division of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences and the Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University. Reichard regularly conducts research, teaches, and consults on organizational behavior and leader development topics.

Reichard’s research focuses on helping people better understand, predict, and accelerate the development of leaders, particularly those historically underrepresented in leadership roles, such as women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ individuals. To further this, she examines the psychological processes through which leaders develop: receiving feedback, goal striving, self-views, implicit theories, and leader developmental readiness, as well as the role of non-work contexts in leader development.

As of 2021, Reichard has 46 publications and 62 conference presentations related to leadership and leader development This includes 28 peer-reviewed publications, seven of which are in The Leadership Quarterly, which has a 2020 impact factor of 10.5, ranking fourth out of 83 journals in applied psychology. Other outlets she’s published in include Academy of Management Learning & Education, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Managerial Psychology, and Consulting Psychology Journal. Reichard has also published two co-edited books and 16 book chapters on leader development.

Reichard’s teaching is situated in adult learning theory. She utilizes multiple teaching methods and technologies in and out of the classroom, including reading up-to-date evidence, small group experiential learning, and applied case-based projects and exams. Across her 10 graduate-level courses, Reichard’s 267 students rated her ‘overall quality of instruction’ an average of 6.41 on a 7-point scale. Core graduate courses taught include Directed Research (6.6), Organizational Behavior (6.2), Advanced Topics in Organizational Psychology (6.3), Positive Leadership (6.6), Doctoral Seminar Leadership (6.1), Leader Development (6.8), and Training and Development (6.1). She seeks to integrate diverse perspectives and technologies into the classroom and has taught in-person, asynchronous, and synchronous online courses. Reichard has successfully shepherded 11 PhD students through the OB doctorate and co-authored 25 publications with 20 different student co-authors.

As a leader in her field, Reichard founded and developed LeAD Labs in 2013. Along with a small group of graduate students, the goal of LeAD Labs is to advance and align the research and practice of leader development. As of 2021, she has been awarded $818,307 in grants and contracts across 15 sources of funding employing 78 graduate students in consulting projects. These graduate students worked as assessors, facilitators, actors, coaches, evaluators, data managers, project managers, and research consultants. She has also given 50 invited talks, workshops, and webinars on leadership and leader development, mainly servicing non-profit and local community organizations.

Research funding organizations range from local institutions such as CGU, the Drucker School, the Claremont Colleges, and BLAIS, to institutions throughout California such as Golden West College, the Orange County Transportation Authority, and the California Agricultural Leadership Program, and even global institutions such as the Museum Leadership Institute, the University of Cape Town, and Right to Play Africa. Reichard provided these institutions with services including a developmental leadership assessment center, 360-assessment and feedback, self-assessment and feedback, online leader development planning, online self-studies on effective leadership and mentoring, and a series of workshops.

Reichard served as associate editor for Group & Organization Management from 2018-2021, managing 56 manuscripts through the review and revision process. She is currently an editorial board member of The Leadership Quarterly and an ad-hoc reviewer for 15 journals, as well as an active member, presenter, and reviewer for professional organizations: AOM, SIOP, and ILA. Reichard has served on the CGU Affirmative Action and Diversity Committee, the Budget and Planning Committee, and is a faculty sponsor for the student group, Org Talks.

At CGU, Reichard is the primary advisor for 17 OB doctoral students and 11 MA students, serving on dozens of thesis and dissertation committees, oral exam committees, and portfolio committees. She has also served on eight faculty search committees, including as Chair of one, and annually serves on PhD and MA admissions committees.

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*Co-author was a student when the research was conducted.

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