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  • Degrees
    PhD, Management, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    MS, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Missouri State University
    BS, Psychology, Missouri Western State University
  • Research Interests
    Leadership Evaluation, Assessment, and Development; Impact of Leader Development Interventions

Becky Reichard is an associate professor in the Division of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences at Claremont Graduate University. At CGU, she directs LeAD Labs, a lab that brings together theory, research, and application of leadership evaluation, assessment, and development. Her research focuses on leadership evaluation, assessment, and development and is characterized by research rigor and impact, application, and collaboration.

She earned her PhD in management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, her MS in industrial and organizational psychology from Missouri State University, and her BS in psychology from Missouri Western State University. Reichard is an active member of the Academy of Management, Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and is the past chair of the scholarship group for the International Leadership Association. She is on the editorial board of Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies and Group & Organization Management. To date, Reichard has received $500,000 in grants and contracts, including a visiting scholar position at the University of Cape Town.

Reichard’s courses focus on two major learning goals: the mastery of the theory and research in the domain of study and the ability to apply that theory and research to real-world problems. She has taught introductory psychology, organizational psychology, industrial psychology, motivation and peak performance, positive organizational psychology, mentoring, leadership seminar, practical meta-analysis, and gender issues in the workplace. At CGU, she teaches courses in organizational behavior, positive leadership, and leader development, among others.

She has published more than 40 journal articles and book chapters on these applied research topics, including more than 10 with student co-authors. Her work has been published in top journals, including The Leadership Quarterly, Academy of Management Learning & Education, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Managerial Psychology, and Consulting Psychology Journal, to name a few.

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*Co-author was a student when the research was conducted.

Organizational Behavior
Directed research
Positive leadership
Training and Development
Leader development
Job design
Leadership assessment