Portrait of Tarek Azzam

Tarek Azzam is a senior visiting fellow in the Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences at Claremont Graduate University. Azzam’s research focuses on developing new methods suited for real-world evaluations. These methods attempt to address some of the logistical, political, and technical challenges that evaluators commonly face in practice. His work aims to improve the rigor and credibility of evaluations and increase its potential impact on programs and policies.

Azzam has also been involved in multiple projects that have included the evaluation of student retention programs at the K–12 and university level, Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) education programs, pregnancy prevention programs, children’s health programs, and international development efforts for the Rockefeller and Packard Foundations. Azzam is the co-founder of and former program chair of the Research on Evaluation Topical Interest Group, and member of American Evaluation Associations’ recruitment committee. He was also the former program chair of the Theories of Evaluation TIG and served as chair of AEA’s awards committee.

Co-authored with Elena Harman. “Crowdsourcing in Quantifying Transcripts: An Exploratory Study.” Evaluation and program planning, 54 (2016): 63–73 .

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