Welcome to the Drucker School of Management!

At the Drucker School, we take great pride in providing you with a truly distinctive management education. Drawing upon the works and ideas of our late colleague and seminal theorist Peter Drucker, we have worked diligently to create a set of courses and experiences that enable you to carve your own path to success. This includes our initiatives in creative industries, the practice of management, and supply chain management—to name a few.

Our faculty is world class and highly respected. But unlike at larger institutions, you will interact with them in small classes and on a first-name basis. In and outside the classroom, we focus on developing your skills for insight, collaboration, achievement, and leadership. We also let you apply these skills across a range of settings, from managing small teams to leading successful businesses and organizations.

You will learn the fundamentals of business, and you will also transcend these fundamentals to understand the art and science of management. Management is not just about the facts, but also about insight into the facts as well as the ability to engage others and develop creative business and organizational solutions to pressing problems.

And you will not be alone in this pursuit. By coming to the Drucker School, you will join a community of students from around the world and an alumni community of more than 4,500 professionals in over 20 countries. You will find that members of the Drucker network have used their management education not only to be successful but also to advance social responsibility. Why? Because at the Drucker School, we are not afraid to ask and try to address the big questions facing business, government, and society at large, and we constantly explore the new frontiers of knowledge and practice.

This is why we believe we are truly distinctive.


Jenny Darroch
Henry Y. Hwang Dean, Drucker School of Management

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