Peter F. Drucker

Peter F. Drucker crossed many boundaries as a writer, teacher, management consultant and business visionary. He’s been called “the inventor of modern management” for good reason. He believed in business as a human-driven enterprise that could be profitable and socially responsible.

Dr. Drucker radically expanded the concept of management to include a focus on how businesses operate morally and ethically. The result: his groundbreaking work transformed modern management into a discipline now taught at business schools and practiced in companies all over the world.

A Game-Changing Influence

Peter Drucker articulated his management vision throughout a lifetime of scholarship, teaching and advising some of the most famous global companies. In all he wrote 39 books and countless other publications.

He influenced and created nearly every aspect of business management as an academic and corporate process, including the key concepts of decentralization, privatization, and empowerment. Among his numerous sayings, the term “knowledge worker” has become central to our understanding of business culture.

A Lifelong Legacy

From his early beginnings as a financial reporter in Frankfurt, Germany to his pioneering study of General Motors and the book that made his name—The Concept of the Corporation—and his subsequent academic career, Dr. Drucker has changed how we see business. At Claremont Graduate University, he helped develop one of the country’s first Executive MBA programs for working professionals and later, the management school that now bears his name.

The Drucker School of Management evolved from his vision and his influence is woven throughout nearly every aspect of what we do, how we teach and shape our students perspectives. From his first day on campus until his last class in 2002, he was a living, breathing exemplar of the values that we honor today, tomorrow and into the future.

The Drucker Institute

An independent organization within Claremont Graduate University, The Drucker Institute houses the research and writings of Peter Drucker, and perpetuates his legacy as a teacher and scholar.


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