Center for Business & Management of the Arts

Southern California’s only academic center dedicated to graduate education in the business and management of arts and culture.

CGU’s Center for Business & Management of the Arts places students at the heart of Los Angeles’s arts and cultural offerings. Four Master’s degrees and myriad extracurricular programs challenge students to understand and imagine anew the operations and intersections of the civic, commercial, nonprofit, and philanthropic worlds of international arts and culture.


An emphasis on entrepreneurship and hands-on practice.

Our programs are built around curriculum sequences in cultural programming, entrepreneurship, art markets, fundraising, and curating. As a CBMArts student, you will be charged with creating new ventures, new exhibitions, new initiatives, and new knowledge, all of which is presented in public forums where it is assessed and tested against the challenges facing artists, institutions, and their audiences today.

Alumni Creators

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” –Peter F. Drucker

Our alumni are creating the future of arts and culture in Southern California. Below are just a handful of organizations, initiatives, and businesses that got their start in our programs:

The Arts Area – John Machado (Arts Management ’16), Founder and CEO

Ochi Projects – Pauli Ochi (Art Business ’14), Founder

The Arc – Tiffany Malkin (Art Business ’15), Founder

The Fortissima Fellowship – Jazmin Morales (Arts Management ’17), Creator

Curator Love – Erika Hirugami (Art Business ’15), Founder

Start Art Legal – Jacob Janzen (Art Business ’16), Founder

The Nou Project – Nour Al Tamimi (Art Business ’14), Founder

Alumni Spotlight

Learn the ins and outs of the museum world in our interview with CBMArts alumna Victoria Gerard, the Vice President of Collections and Special Exhibitions at the Bowers Museum.

Travel Opportunities

All CBMArts students participate in field study travel, which introduces students to emerging and established art markets, and provides behind the scenes access to artists, art businesses, arts organizations, and leaders in the field. The trips are designed to accelerate the formation of international networks and ensure familiarity with the complexity of the international arts landscape.

Past global destinations include:

  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Shanghai
  • Beijing
  • Seoul
  • Tokyo
  • Mexico City

Past destinations within LA include:

  • Institute of Contemporary Art, LA
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, LA
  • The Broad

The Center’s faculty are renowned experts in arts and culture management and markets–both as academics and practitioners. Many courses are led by the arts professionals, creatives, and artists who are driving change in Los Angeles and beyond. Additional faculty are drawn from CGU’s Drucker School of Management, Center for Information Systems & Technology, School of Arts & Humanities, and Museum Leadership Institute.

  • Jonathan T.D. Neil profile image

    Jonathan T.D. Neil

    Director, Center for Business & Management of the Arts

    Research Interests

    Modern and contemporary art, Architectural history, International art market, Critical writing/theory, History of photography

  • Amy Shimshon-Santo profile image

    Amy Shimshon-Santo

    Program Director, Arts Management
    Associate Director, Center for Business & Management of the Arts

    Research Interests

    The Arts, arts management, nonprofit management, social enterprise, arts education, civic engagement

  • Kibum Kim profile image

    Kibum Kim

    Program Director, Art Business

    Research Interests

    Art Market Dynamics, Comparative Art Markets

  • Alma Ruiz profile image

    Alma Ruiz

    Senior Fellow, Center for Business & Management of the Arts

    Research Interests

    Contemporary Latin American Art, Exhibition Making & Managing​

  • Laura Zucker profile image

    Laura Zucker

    Senior Fellow, Arts Management Program

    Research Interests

    Arts management, Nonprofits

  • Melody Kanschat profile image

    Melody Kanschat

    Executive Director, Museum Leadership Institute