Affiliated Schools

“The majority of businesses everywhere are family-controlled and family-managed. Yet management books and management courses deal almost entirely with the publicly-owned and professionally-managed company—they rarely as much as mention the family-managed business.”

–Peter Drucker



To unite world-class experts in family business governance with successors and representatives of family businesses from around the globe for a comprehensive graduate program in management and executive training.



The Institute will be the flagship academic institute of the Drucker School, seeking to attract students and family businesses throughout the world. Its programs will address the issues and opportunities of family businesses: managing the family name, succession planning, innovation, corporate responsibility, governance, finance, and sustainability.


  • Providing the tools to succeed in a global business environment that requires traditional business practices and theories combined with new growth tools such as social media, digital platforms, and technology.
  • Offering a concentration in family business and courses that focus on governance and management of family businesses.
  • Hosting an annual global conference on family business with a new theme each year.
  • Holding high-level retreats to bring generations of family businesses together.
  • Forging collaborations with family business programs globally as a leading institution in the US that emphasizes and promotes family business research, training, and education.
  • Conducting faculty and industry research related to family business issues and trends.
  • Publishing an annual report on global family business to allow cross-cultural comparisons.


Advisory Board Members

Lana Abou-Assi, Director of Operations, AmEx International, Inc. and Student Engagement Officer, Drucker School Global Family Business Institute
Gary Chan, Chief Executive Officer, GEMA Capital Partners Limited
Andrew Chen, Director of Market Development, Woodmax KY Industries Corporation
Athena Chiera, Vice President of Business Development, Athena Engineering Inc.
Yosuke Jay O. Honjo, President/CEO, Ito En (North America) Inc.
Junro Ito, Director/Senior Executive Officer, Head of Corporate Development Division, Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.
Wayne Lee, President, Powertec Fitness
Koji Ogura, Director for Japan and Drucker-Ito Relationships, Drucker School of Management
John Renken, President, The Renken Company
Jamie Richardson, Vice President, White Castle Management Co.
Timothy Schultz, Vice President of Research and Development, Lundberg Family Farms
Allyson Stewart-Allen, Chief Executive, International Marketing Partners Ltd.
Pat Soldano, Principal Advisor, Drucker School Global Family Business Institute



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