The academic mission of Claremont Graduate University is to create new knowledge and prepare leaders to enter the world with the purpose and skills to make it a better place. Our seven schools—each with a unique vision and mission—embrace a transdisciplinary approach to pedagogy that focuses on applied learning and research. Small classes and shared resources let you maximize your academic potential, while our commitment to diversity and collaboration ensures a rich, fulfilling graduate school experience. Explore the seven schools of CGU and discover how you’ll pursue your purpose.


Schools at Claremont Graduate University

Social Science, Policy & Evaluation

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With world-renowned faculty, the School of Social Science, Policy & Evaluation helps instill in its students a strong understanding of theoretical frameworks, advanced research methodologies, and the ability to transform theory into practice.

The School of Social Science, Policy & Evaluation is comprised of the Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences (DBOS) and the Division of Politics & Economics (DPE).

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Drucker School of Management

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The Peter F. Drucker & Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management focuses on instilling management skills that enable graduates to have remarkable careers and make a difference in the world.

Students are trained to think rigorously and ethically about complex issues in business and management, to make sound strategic decisions, and to lead others to achieve common purposes.

Arts & Humanities

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The School of Arts & Humanities offers a breadth of scholarship opportunities within traditional and interdisciplinary programs of study.

Taught by expert faculty who are leaders in their fields, our extensive and diverse curriculum trains scholars, practitioners, artists, and musicians for successful careers.

Community & Global Health

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The School of Community & Global Health is catalyzing a new vision of how humankind conceptualizes and promotes health that extends far beyond the scope of traditional paradigms.

Our programming convenes top minds from science, public health, government, business, and the community to engage in creative problem solving that leads to innovations in health, well-being, and quality of life.

Educational Studies

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CGU’s School of Educational Studies believes a socially just nation should educate all its citizenry through networks of effective and accountable organizations that interact responsibly with families and communities.

In support of this mission, the school trains leaders who are committed to thought, action, scholarship, and stewardship—the system’s most responsible critics and prolific architects.

Information Systems & Technology

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The Center for Information Systems & Technology (CISAT) prepares outstanding professionals and educators to assume leadership positions within the field of Information Systems & Technology with a strong grounding in software development, database systems, networking, and information systems and technology management.

Led by faculty fully devoted to IS&T scholarship, CISAT’s research-infused instruction is practical in focus and valuable for recent undergraduates and working professionals alike.

Mathematical Sciences

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The Institute of Mathematical Sciences seeks to advance areas of national and global need in mathematics and to train new generations of mathematical scientists for positions in education, industry, and government.

Through its internationally recognized Engineering & Industrial Applied Mathematics Clinic, the Institute provides students first-hand experience solving significant mathematical problems for business and government clients.