Tuition & Fees

Program 40 units
Tuition per unit* $1,980

*Based on 2021-2022 tuition rates.

Student Fees (per Semester)
$245 Student Fee
$125 Technology Fee
International Student Services Fee*: $646 fall semester, $747 spring semester
**Applies to all international students (F-1 visa only) who are registered in coursework, doctoral study, or continuous registration. The fee is assessed each fall and spring semester for annual ISO accident and sickness plans and administrative fees. Subject to change.

For estimates of room & board, books, etc., please download CGU’s Cost of Attendance 2020-2021 .


Travel Fees (per Semester)
$3,400 (Semester 2 only)**

**Arts Management students are required to travel in semester two, which includes visits to arts institutions and events both domestic and international, based on viability and safety of selected destinations These fees allow the programs to buy tickets and make programming reservations in advance. Travel costs for the academic program are calculated and charged during registration for the second semester. Individual courses that include their own field study component may require additional travel fees.

Travel is currently optional and will be dependent on Covid-19 restrictions. The health and safety of students is the priority.

Funding Opportunities

Military Fellowship

Federal Programs

To be eligible for federal programs, you must complete the FAFSA. CGU’s FAFSA code is G01169.

Additional Sources of Aid

For more information, visit CGU’s Financial Aid site.

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Jill Steggall

Assistant Director of Admissions
T: 909-607-1186