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Cognitive UX Friday Speaker Series, Fall 2023

The Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences is proud to announce this semester’s Cognitive Forum speaker series. Formerly the Cognitive Lunch Brown Bag series, these meetings began in 1970 when cognitive psychology faculty members began congregating over lunch to discuss research. Now entering its fifth decade, the series has grown into a long-standing tradition featuring alumni, impressive guest speakers, and graduate student research presentations. Cognitive talks are regularly scheduled every Friday at noon. The program for the semester is announced every fall and spring. For more information, contact Kathy Pezdek at kathy.pezdek@cgu.edu.

Fall Program:

September 08 | Introductions and Program Overview, UX Student Presentations of Current Internships, https://cgu.zoom.us/j/86731372836

September 15 | Games & Interactive Technology Lab: UX Student Presentations of Projects in Progress, https://cgu.zoom.us/j/81691190540

September 29 | Joel Schooler, Senior Design Researcher, Walmart Global Tech, https://cgu.zoom.us/j/89676865277

October 13 | Jonna Turrill, Senior UX Researcher at Qualtrics, https://cgu.zoom.us/j/89231886523

November 3 | Applying for an Internship: Student Forum, https://cgu.zoom.us/j/84583738247

November 16 – 19 | Psychonomic Society Meeting in San Francisco – Register and be there! https://www.psychonomic.org/general/custom.asp?page=2023annualmeeting

December 1 | Rushil Khurana, Product Research Lead, formerly Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Microsoft, & Disney, Entrepreneur, https://cgu.zoom.us/j/83864631624

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