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The Big Pitch

The Big Pitch, CGU’s 3-Minute Thesis competition, challenges our graduate students to concisely convey the significance and sophistication of their research to a non-specialist audience. The competition utilizes a 3-minute/1-slide presentation format that requires participants to condense their work to only the most vital and engaging parts. Over the course of a preliminary round and a final round, students will be evaluated by a panel of faculty, staff, alumni, and community members on how well they present in terms of comprehension and content as well as engagement and communication. The competition is a powerful way to develop and showcase student academic, presentation, and research communication skills.

This year’s event is completely online, and participation is open to all CGU students at any stage of their degree. All members of the CGU community are encouraged to attend! To register, attend, or get more information, visit cgu.edu/thebigpitch.