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Universal Peace Conference

Peace has not come to the people of Ukraine, and today, the international community seems to be heading in the opposite direction of the Functioning Society*, as defined by Professor Peter F. Drucker.

Making society peaceful and functional is a prerequisite for all individuals to fulfill their lives fully. To realize this, accepting diversity, forgiving one another, and connecting with each other is becoming increasingly essential.

Why do wars happen? How can we prevent them? How can we stop those that are currently happening? How can we achieve and maintain a peaceful and functioning global society?

The second annual Universal Peace Conference will be held at Claremont Graduate University, focusing on education as the key to peace, functioning societies, and equitable prosperity.

Education has a significant impact on those who will create our future. From elementary school to graduate school, however, today’s educational programs about peace are not sufficient for the pressing needs of today’s world.

Instead of waiting for someone else to start, it is essential to start what we can start here today.

At the second Universal Peace Conference, examples of pilot peace education programs in the United States and Japan will be presented. We shall also discuss the current situation in Ukraine and how we can effectively realize universal, lasting peace.

This event, open worldwide to the public, welcomes students, alumni, and faculty members from The Claremont Colleges.

*In a functioning society, people have status as citizens, with freedom and responsibilities and functions that give an element of personal control and dignity.

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