Claremont Graduate University’s Founding President James Blaisdell once wrote that “the center of a college is in great conversation.”

We believe this rings true today, and we’re committed to keeping the Flame burning. Welcome to The Campfire, a podcast showcasing CGU’s diverse community of scholars, their innovative research, and the great conversations taking place on campus.

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Episode 4: Poetry—the Modern-Day Luxury, with Vievee Francis and Lori Anne Ferrell

Vievee Francis, recipient of the 2017 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award, and Lori Anne Ferrell, John D. and Lillian Maguire Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, talk about the impact of poetry on self-expression, how learning poetry is a modern-day luxury, and how social media is changing people’s ideas about poetry. Ferrell also discusses Forest Primeval’s remarkable poetic structure, which directly influenced its receipt of the Kingsley Tufts Award. Additionally, Francis shares her own journey through the world of poetry, and offers insight into her own inspirations.

Episode 3: The Inspiration and Legacy of Peter Drucker With Jenny Darroch

Jenny Darroch, the Henry Y. Hwang Dean of the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito School, talks about how the principles of management formulated by business visionary Peter Drucker still resonate today. Darroch discusses Drucker’s enduring legacy with Nick Owchar, CGU’s executive director of advancement communications, and talks about how the Drucker School has used his philosophy to evolve to better serve its students, and its alumni, in a world that is far different than the one their parents lived in.

Episode 2: Social Stigmas and Social Barriers in Health Care, With PhD Students Amay Singh and Rebecca Ingrim

For Episode 2 of The Campfire, we talk with two Claremont Graduate University doctoral students studying Public Health: Amay Singh, who is interested in global health-related stigmas, and Rebecca Ingrim, who is researching infectious diseases and causes of disabilities. Singh examines efforts to de-stigmatize health issues faced by women in India through public policy, education, and awareness, as well as how her experiences in her country of birth shaped her goal of working in global public health. Ingrim discusses how her mother’s struggle with ovarian cancer sparked her interest in learning about health and the human body. Both offer unique perspectives on their experience at Claremont Graduate University and discuss academic and career goals.


Episode 1: A Historian’s Take on Mormonism with Patrick Mason

For the first episode of The Campfire, we interview Claremont Graduate University Professor of Religion Patrick Mason, an accomplished scholar and authority on the topic of Mormonism. Mason examines Mormonism’s humble beginnings, as well as more complicated topics such as the politics surrounding the religion and how it has developed over time. He compares Mormonism to other religious minorities, exploring the paradox of a religion creating violence while searching for peace.

Mason also provides personal nuance, touching on the question of what it takes to be both a scholar and a Mormon and balance faith with the pursuit of knowledge.


Episode 0: Welcome to The Campfire

Welcome to The Campfire, where thinkers and leaders from Claremont Graduate University talk about their intellectual, creative, and personal journeys. We are a place where innovators and ideas thrive. Please listen in as we bring these doers and innovators on air to share their experiences and insight.