Len Jessup

Len Jessup is a visionary leader in higher education, known as a consensus builder with a deep interest in innovation and entrepreneurship.

He was most recently president of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and previously served as dean of the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. Prior to that, he served as vice president of university development at Washington State University and president of the WSU Foundation, as well as dean of WSU’s Carson College of Business.

Jessup has published and presented widely on information systems, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology transfer, and commercialization. His many publications include co-authoring several editions of Information Systems Today: Managing in the Digital World and articles such as “Uncertainty, Risk Preference, and New-Venture Strategies” in the Journal of Strategy and Management. In addition to his academic achievements, he has received numerous awards, including the 2018 CEO Award from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) District VII.

The first in his family to graduate from college, Jessup was born and raised in Northern California. He holds a doctorate in management and organizational behavior from the University of Arizona with a minor in management information systems. He also holds an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in information and communication studies, both from California State University, Chico.

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