Rebecca Hatkoff

Rebecca Hatkoff is the Interim Director of Teacher Education and Clinical Assistant Professor who also serves as the Claremont Fellows Project Coordinator. Uniquely and intentionally situated at the intersection of K-12 schools and higher education, her experiences have accrued into informed and nuanced views of the challenges and especially the opportunities in K-16 education. Whether teaching, researching, or supporting teachers in the field, Hatkoff remains invested in facilitating humanizing, supportive, and generative relationships between students, households, schools, and communities. As a Los Angeles native, Hatkoff prioritized developing a nuanced view of the local educational landscape; to that end, she has studied, observed, and learned from teachers and students in more than 100 classrooms across more than 80 K-12 schools in the greater Los Angeles area. Her research interests include culturally responsive K-16+ practices and policies, critical social justice teaching competencies, classroom and school ecology, effective and mutually empowering pedagogy, and strength-based views of schools, teachers, students, households, and communities.

Hatkoff was instrumental in designing and securing a $3.3 million Teacher Quality Partnership grant from the U.S. Department of Education, which supported a high-quality residency pathway to teaching for candidates committed to supporting students and households in the greater Los Angeles area.

Previously, Hatkoff served as the program associate for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded Digital Fellows Program, run by the Association of Chief Academic Officers. In that position, Hatkoff provided provosts and chief academic officers with critical information, resources, and support to help their faculty understand and adopt high quality digital courseware to enhance undergraduate experiences, persistence, and success. She also worked with a research team in LAUSD to study the implementation of all elementary dual language immersion programs in the district. For the past decade, she has also worked as an academic and college counselor for a non-profit organization mostly supporting recent Chinese immigrants as they navigate American school systems.

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