Shamini Dias portrait

Shamini Dias directs the Preparing Future Faculty program at Claremont Graduate University.

Shamini is an alumna of CGU and holds a PhD in Education. Her work as a teacher-scholar focuses on integrating ideas from complexity science to explore imagination as a creative, adaptive capacity and a critical aspect of human development and leadership. Her research locates teaching and learning in constantly changing, diverse, and inter-connected contexts that define life today. She brings this research into the PFF program to help graduate students develop identities as inclusive teachers who strive for educational equity for all learners.

Shamini’s first two degrees were in Linguistics and English Literature. Prior to her role at CGU, she had a long career teaching English Literature, academic writing, creative writing and drama, pedagogy, and communication skills at multiple levels from K-12 through post-secondary settings. In addition, as a teaching artist she worked with museums, libraries, schools, and in corporate settings to develop creativity and communication skills in people of all ages.