Artwork titled Connecting the Dots Series

Angelica’s art is meant to spread love, entice peace and unity, and inspire people to follow their dreams. We all face constant change. We are taught to stay within our borders and constructs, causing growth to be a difficult and painful process. After resisting in her own life, Angelica found her truth and life’s true vibrancy in traveling abroad and reconnecting to her art.

Angelica’s art reflects this change in life and the beauty she found in her metamorphosis. She chooses to focus on the beauty and light in both realms. Each color and delicate stroke is a moment in the making and ultimately a stepping stone that reminds us who we are at our core. Every painting is a new story. Every story, an adventure to be shared.

Artist Statement

I am a passionate Abstract Artist. I love to use bright colors in all my pieces to express different themes throughout my work. My art practice integrates and reflects universal values to connect humanity. We are there to help each other be and become the best versions of ourselves however, always remaining true to ourselves. We are all very similar to each other and while we can live independently of one another, we are better together. I believe that Art speaks in a universal language and my art explores how we are all connected and universally one.

Artwork by Angelica Banales


Art Department