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How do you create real change?

Whether we are scientists, artists, humanists, or entrepreneurs, real change requires us to embrace uncertainty and seek answers with a different set of eyes and tools. Complex problems call for new ways of thinking.



The MA in Transdisciplinary Analysis is a degree program for shaping positive change. When you take on a transdisciplinary challenge, you expand your imagination and creativity to build positive futures. You become the person who makes sustainable change, transforms institutions, and scales solutions for the greater good. You learn to “unstick” dilemmas, so crises become opportunities.

When our creativity engages complexity, when our disruption becomes design, and when our passion integrates purpose, our solutions matter. Our work transforms.

Program Highlights

You can easily combine the MA in Transdisciplinary Analysis with another Master’s degree at CGU to earn a Dual Degree to enhance your career development and marketability with significant cost savings.

Program At a Glance

32 units

2 years


Fall | Spring

MA in Transdisciplinary Analysis

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be able to:

    • Apply systems thinking to illuminate the non-linear, interconnected nature of social and global systems and issues as a key step in addressing complex problems and working for positive, justice-oriented solutions.
    • Use complexity-based methods to sense-make and work adaptively with uncertainty in different contexts as part of research, application, design, and leadership.
    • Reframe ideas and complex problems by combining different perspectives or viewpoints to create new pathways and opportunities for imaginative solutions and innovation, ultimately leading to more effective problem-solving.
    • Collaborate and communicate with diverse audiences in disciplinary and non-academic settings.
    • Apply critical query to ask better questions, collaborate across boundaries, and develop solutions for justice and positive futures.



The MA in Transdisciplinary Analysis consists of 32 units, made up of 20 units in core study areas and 12 units in elective topics. You can complete your degree within two years. Your coursework will include core and elective courses, delivered on campus and online.

Core Courses (20 units)

Foundations of Transdisciplinary Thought and Practice (6 units)
This is a set of integrated micro-courses in one- and two-unit short modules that are offered in low-residency format combining weekend intensives with asynchronous teamwork.

Tools for Change (8 units)
Choose from a range of transdisciplinary courses to support your electives concentration, such as:

    • Campaigning and Community Organizing for Change
    • Transdisciplinary Changemakers: Justice-Centered Frameworks for Education
    • Urban Studies
    • Analysis of Social Networks
    • … and many others

Application (6 units)
This comprises 2 parts:

    • Transdisciplinary Action in Crisis (2 units).
    • Capstone Field Project (4 units)

Electives in Area of Focus (12 units)

Choose from elective courses that focus on topics such as social impact, leadership and strategy, research translation, sustainability, education, history and cultural issues, evaluation, innovation, media, research, or data storytelling. You can also develop new focal areas with our advising process.

Strategic Future Design (0 units)

Strategic Future Design begins in your first semester as a companion course throughout your studies to strategically align your academic work to career or academic pathways. In partnership with CGU’s Career and Professional Development Office, this course coordinates meetings with skilled consultants to develop and improve your CV and resume, build skills such as career search, interviewing, professional online profiles and networks, and leadership philosophy and diversity statements to create your professional portfolio.

Your work in the MA in Transdisciplinary Analysis will be assessed primarily through portfolios, reflective writing, team presentations, and a capstone field project.

Who Should Apply

The MA in Transdisciplinary Analysis program is designed for working professionals, scanners, “Renaissance souls”, polymaths, and students pursuing multiple degrees, as well as recent college graduates interested in social change and positive impact.

Faculty & Research

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