November 19, 2010

Financial Engineering students attend New York career fair

On October 29, 2010, 16 Financial Engineering students attended The National Financial Mathematics Career Fair in New York. There were 27 financial companies and firms present, including Bloomberg, Fannie Mae, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, PwC, Bank of America, Citigroup.

Prior to the New York trip, the FE students had the opportunity to update their resumes, learn networking tips, and practice mock interviews. In addition to the quant skills that FE students gain in the classroom, it’s essential to also have the ability to communicate and collaborate in the workplace. The chance to speak with recruiters and network with their peers at the New York career fair gave the group an excellent opportunity to polish their communication and presentation skills.

FE student Kartik Swaminathan said that “This fair gave me a good opportunity to know about the companies, their work culture the kind of jobs they were offering and the qualities they were looking for in a candidate. I also interacted with students from other universities and discussed about the program, culture and curriculum and shared each other’s experience.”  Aaron Donley added: “After this trip not only do I have a better understanding of what a career would be like in New York but also have taken the first steps in securing a job in the financial industry.”