March 27, 2012

The Drucker School and Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency sign collaboration agreement

The Drucker School, the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), and the Costa Rica Business Program (CBP) have agreed on a collaboration in Costa Rica.

The Drucker School has a class every spring in Costa Rica entitled “Doing Business in a Culture of Sustainability,” organized by the Costa Rica Business Program. Students and faculty travel to Costa Rica to visit companies and government organizations and to learn more about sustainability, foreign trade, and doing business in Central America.

This new agreement will formalize CINDE’s participation in the class and their officials will give presentations to Drucker students.  Drucker, in return, will send faculty experts to Costa Rica to give lectures to companies that are affiliated with CINDE, including both multinationals operating in Costa Rica and local companies.

The speaker series was inaugurated last year when Drucker Professor Jim Wallace spoke at CINDE about his research on triple bottom line accounting. In Spring 2012, Drucker Professor Jay Prag presented a lecture entitled “The world economy, US election, and Costa Rica:  What strategies should Costa Rican businesses take looking forward?”