April 2, 2014

Drucker 2014 Executive in Residence John Howkins discusses the creative economy on BBC World Service

Peter Day—BBC World Service Global Business host—talks with John Howkins, an expert on the creative economy, about how knowledge based industries are changing the way we live and work around the world.

First broadcast: Sunday 23 March 2014


John Howkins is the Drucker School of Management’s 2014 Executive in Residence. One of the first great thinkers to define the creative economy, he first published his ideas on creativity and innovation in The Creative Economy in 2001, revised 2013.

His work addresses how new ideas – not money or machinery – are the greatest source of value creation in today’s global business environment. The creative economy is revitalizing manufacturing, services, retailing, and the entertainment industries and is changing where people want to live, work and learn – where they think, invent and produce. The creative economy, according to Mr. Howkins, is based on a new way of thinking and doing, with the primary inputs being individual talent and skill.

Mr. Howkins has worked in over 30 countries advising global corporations, international organizations, governments, and individuals. His media career spans TV, film, digital media, publishing and consulting with companies including HBO and, from 1982 to 1996, Time Warner. He is a former chairman of the London Film School and is a former Executive Director of the International Institute of Communications, an independent, non-profit membership organization that focuses on critical policy and regulatory issues in telecom and media.

He is Deputy Chairman of the British Screen Advisory Council (BSAC). He is a Member of the United Nations UNDP Advisory Committee on the Creative Economy and a Council Member of the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).  He is also a former Chairman of CREATEC, Tornado and BOP Consulting.

His books include:

Understanding Television

Communications in China

New Technologies, New Policies

Four Global Scenarios for Information

The Creative Economy

Mr. Howkins has a BA in International Relations (Keele University) and an AA (Dip) in Urban Design (Architectural Association).