May 15, 2014

LiangYou Language Partners wins 2014 Kravis Concept Plan Competition

The Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University is pleased to announce the winners of the 24th annual Henry R. Kravis Concept Plan Competition

The annual award recognizes Claremont College students or alumni who have the competitive nature, flair, and general aptitude required of an entrepreneur in today’s world.

First prize and $4,250 go to LiangYou Language Partners. Team members Gideon Salzman-Gubbay, Sean Thomas Pianka, Lingge Li,and Noah Weingarten.

Second prize and $2,250 go to Ellie Hayes and team member Tiffany Turner.

Third prize and $1,000 go to Neurolift and team member Sebastian Aguiar.

Fourth prize and $500 go to Elegants Therapeutics. Team members are Thomas Luu, Alexander Lagadinos, and Hannah Huvard.

The awards are funded through an endowment created by Henry R. Kravis, a founding member of the Drucker School’s Board of Visitors. Claremont Colleges professors, alumni, and prospective investors judged the contest.