January 5, 2015

Professor Joseph Maciariello publishes new book, A Year with Peter Drucker

Drucker School Professor Joseph Maciariello has published a new book based on Peter Drucker’s personal coaching program, previously unpublished material, and select readings from Drucker’s classic works. A Year with Peter Drucker (Harper Collins) distills the essence of Drucker’s personal mentorship program into an easy-to-follow 52-week course, exploring the themes Drucker felt were most important to leadership development, including:

    • Leaders Must Set Sights on the Important and not the Urgent–a key differentiator between a subordinate and a chief.
    • Management is a Human Activity–Process must serve people, in and out of the organization.
    • The Roadmap to Personal Effectiveness–the importance of mission and doing the Right Things not just Getting Things Done.
    • The critical importance of leadership succession especially at top ranks of the organization.

Each weekly management meditation includes a lesson and a message or anecdote taken from Drucker’s extensive body of work, as well as suggestions for further reading, reflective questions, and quick, easy prompts to help readers incorporate the knowledge they’ve learned into their daily work. A lifetime of wisdom brilliantly honed into a single essential volume by Drucker’s collaborator Joseph A. Maciariello, A Year with Peter Drucker gives both lifelong Drucker fans and young executives now discovering his brilliance an invaluable opportunity to learn directly from the late master.