May 17, 2016

Drucker School offers first digital marketing and analytics class

This summer, the Drucker School of Management is pleased to launch its first course in digital marketing and analytics.

The course will be broken into three parts. Drucker marketing Professor Jenny Darroch will begin the course by talking about today’s marketing revolution—a revolution caused by digitization.

Darroch’s introduction will be followed by a one-day speaker series in which six successful practitioners will share their insights about developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy. The topics of this series will include case studies and advice on how to gain consumer insights, how to reach consumers, and how to measure the impact of a marketing strategy in real time.

“I am delighted to bring such an exciting course to our Drucker students. Many of our students will enter into digital marketing roles within organizations and others simply need to understand how digitization has disrupted many parts of business—in this case, marketing,” says Darroch. “We are privileged to have such a great line up of speakers who will give our students up-to-date insights on digital marketing practice today.”

Panelists include:

Two Drucker alumni, Bettina Sherick (MBA, 1998) and J Scavo (EMBA, 2005), were instrumental in the creation of the curriculum as industry advisors, ensuring the course speaks to the heart of digital issues that managers care about today.

For the third part of the course, Drucker Dean and Professor Tom Horan will teach students how to apply concepts of customer relationship management (CRM) through the entire lifecycle of attracting and keeping a customer.

Notes Dean Horan, “The course comes at an opportune time as we are in the midst of a great project with to apply Drucker concepts to the application of their software. Our students will have a unique opportunity to connect key management concepts with the world’s most widely used CRM platform.”

“All you have to do is look at the advertising well gushing at Google to understand how the Internet has changed the marketing world,” says Horan. “At $67 billion, its advertising revenues represent 90% of its 2015 US revenue, and is up from $6 billion a decade ago. In short, the Internet has led to a staggering reallocation of marketing resources and energy. This class will help prepare our students to succeed in this new world.”

The course introduction is May 17 and the speaker panel is May 20. The third data analytics portion will be held June 4 and June 7.