June 10, 2016

New Drucker School summer program offers leadership insights and tools through executive classes in Los Angeles and Claremont

A new Drucker-Ito School of Management leadership program designed for busy executives combines classroom meetings in Los Angeles with online and on-campus sessions, covering key concepts such as mindfulness, organizational effectiveness, social responsibility, and integrity.

The Drucker Leadership Arc: Managing Self to Society” launches July 16 and concludes July 30.

Through a series of interconnected Drucker readings, discussions, and exercises, executives and senior professionals will receive a solid foundation for leadership excellence. Students will be led through the arc of self-management to the organization’s role in society by the school’s top-ranked faculty.

“These insights and tools are what allow leaders to not only become more mindful of their own leadership style, but translate that style into effective and socially responsible decision-making” Henry Y. Hwang Dean of the Drucker School Tom Horan said.

The program is open to executives from throughout the region.  Classes will be divided between the Claremont Graduate University (CGU) campus and the new CGU | DTLA space inside the Reef building in downtown Los Angeles. Four sessions—two at CGU and two at CGU | DTLA—will be available online in real time allowing students to participate in person or remotely.

The six-session certificate program will expose students to the late Peter F. Drucker‘s approach to self-management through social responsibility in a format that is flexible and innovative for today’s managers.

“For years, business education has been criticized for focusing on business as a machine,” Professor Bernie Jaworski, the program’s co-director and the Peter F. Drucker Chair in Management and the Liberal Arts. “The beauty of Peter Drucker’s work is that he viewed organizations as human enterprise, and saw the interconnections between how one behaves in an organization to, ultimately, how socially responsible the organization is in society.”

“With Los Angeles being the sprawling metropolis that it is, and in keeping the busy executive in mind, innovative class models will continue to play a key role in making it easier for students to obtain a graduate level education with minimal disruption to their personal and professional lives,” said Professor Katharina Pick, also a program co-director. “Where before, busy executives would have to rush from their office to CGU’s campus, now we can really help ease that process.”

Highlights include:

  • “Mindfulness and Organizations” led by Professors Jeremy Hunter and Katharina Pick.
  • “The Customer and Marketing Strategies” led by Professors Jenny Darroch and Bernie Jaworski.
  • “Networked Leadership and the Purposeful Organization” led by Professors Jean Lipman-Blumen and Vijay Sathe.

“The Drucker Leadership Arc” draws from the Drucker School’s Executive MBA curriculum. It is open to middle to senior level professionals in the region who are not currently enrolled in the Executive MBA (EMBA) program as a non-unit course, as well as to EMBA students as a course.

More information about the program can be found at: http://drucker.cgu.edu/program/leadership-arc/

An open house event on June 21, co-hosted by the Drucker School and CGU’s Center for Information Systems and Technology (CISAT), will feature a preview of the “Drucker Leadership Arc,” with Dean Tom Horan and Professor Jaworski in attendance. More information about the open house can be found at: http://www.druckeralumni.org/druckeropenhouse