July 28, 2016

New support enables Claremont Evaluation Center to reach developing countries with upcoming workshop

CLAREMONT, Calif.—Claremont Graduate University and the Claremont Evaluation Center (CEC), in partnership with EvalPartners, announced this month that ITAD, with financial support from The Rockefeller Foundation, will be funding the CEC to support new scholarships for next month’s series of workshops in the critical area of evaluation and applied research methods.

The funding will enable the CEC to make these workshops available to participants in developing countries in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Eastern and Central Europe.

“Collaborations like this one through ITAD are vital to our work,” said Stewart I. Donaldson, CEC Director and Dean of CGU’s School of Social Sciences, Policy, and Evaluation and the School of Community and Global Health.  “Generous funding support is enabling CEC and EvalPartners to meet an increasing demand in developing countries for high-quality evaluation training provided by world-class faculty in evaluation and applied research.”

Participants from across the globe will be able to participate online in the CEC’s annual Professional Development Workshop Series, which will be held August 18 – August 23.

This effort is the result of CGU and CEC’s partnering with EvalPartners, an organization that provides an interactive platform for sharing knowledge about country-led Monitoring and Evaluation systems worldwide.

With these scholarships, individuals in developing countries can further their education and development in Evaluation with next month’s workshop series. They are eligible to qualify for a limited number of workshops, free of charge, by registering at: https://www.cgu.edu/workshops

Workshop topics in next month’s series will include (but are not limited to): Basics of Evaluation (Donaldson & Christie), A New Introduction to Evaluation (Scriven), Principles Based Evaluation (Patton), Designing Social Enterprise (Gargani & Donaldson), Real World Evaluation (Chen), Appreciative Inquiry (Catsambas), Culturally Responsive Evaluation (Bledsoe), Empowerment Evaluation (Fetterman), Evaluation Capacity Building (Fierro), Data Visualization (Azzam), Educational Evaluation, (Berry & Eddy), Every Picture Tells a Story (Chapel), Quasi-experimental Methods (Crano), Grant Proposal Writing (Omoto), Theory-driven Evaluation (Donaldson), and much more.

Workshop participation counts towards the CEC’s Certificate of Advanced Study in Evaluation.


For a complete list of workshops and descriptions: https://www.cgu.edu/workshops

For more information on the certificate program: https://www.cgu.edu/evalcertificate

For more information on the CEC: http://www.claremontevaluationcenter.com