May 15, 2017

Fourteen Inducted Into Delta Omega For Work in Public Health

Photo of Delta Omega inductees
Back row, left to right: Jay Orr, Paula Palmer, Yvonne Olivares-Maldonado, Darleen Peterson, Lizette Brenes, Alicia Alvarado, Alyssa Colunga, and Jacklyn Samano. Front Row: Neil Patel and Jonathan Rodriguez

Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle, published in 1906, famously paints a horrific picture of the health violations and unsanitary condition in the meatpacking industry, particularly in turn-of-the-century Chicago. The book was a sensation, and it catapulted Sinclair to instant celebrity.

But nearly 20 years after the book’s publication, the study of public health at the graduate level was still in its infancy.

That situation led to the 1924 establishment of Delta Omega, the national honorary society for achievements in public health designed to recognize outstanding work and promote graduate study in the field.

Delta Omega has long been regarded as a leader in public health recognition, and with the end of the 2016–2017 academic year, CGU’s School of Community & Global Health (SCGH) inducted 14 new members into the prestigious society.

A recognition ceremony for SCGH’s members was held in April at the CGU President’s House. Welcoming remarks were provided by SCGH Professor Kim Reynolds, and the awards were presented to this year’s recipients by Program Manager Bree Hemingway. In addition to three graduating students, this year’s inductees included alumni, faculty, and staff.

This year’s inductees include Riverside County Executive Officer Jay Orr; professors Paula Palmer and Darleen Peterson; alumni Alicia Alvarado, Lizette Brenes, Alyssa Colunga, Walter Johnson, Yvonne Olivares-Maldonado, Neil Patel, Jonathan Rodriguez, and Jake Ryann Sumibcay (current Delta Omega – Delta Epsilon Chapter President); and current students Angela Lyons, Jordan Riddle, and Jacklyn Samano.

Delta Omega is affiliated with more than 80 universities around the world and recognizes inductees for their academic excellence, potential for leadership in the field, and commitment to the values of public health.