January 13, 2020

Did Drucker Really Say That? Jay Prag on His Favorite Quote

DELVING DEEPER: After his arrival at the Drucker School, Clinical Associate Professor Jay Prag realized that his colleague Peter Drucker uttered statements that were as wise as they were disarming. A CGU YouTube channel series, "My Favorite Drucker Quote," spotlights his sayings and insights.

Even though longtime university professor Peter Drucker — who also happens to be the founding father of modern management theory– died in 2005, his words linger on and are as influential off campus as they are on campus.

So much so, in fact, that we created “My Favorite Drucker Quote,” an ongoing series on the university’s YouTube channel, that highlights some of the gems that continue to inspire Drucker School faculty, students, and alumni.

Among them is a video featuring Clinical Associate Professor Jay Prag, who describes his struggle with one of Peter Drucker’s remarks:

“If there’s one thing economists and I agree on, it’s that I’m no economist.”

Really? Why, Prag asks, would I want to teach at a place whose founder said this?

But Drucker’s point, he explains in the following segment, is much more nuanced than it seems at first.



What do you think? Did Prag convince you?

For more Drucker faves and other videos, visit CGU’s YouTube channel here.  You’ll be glad you did.