April 3, 2024

Drucker School Students Explore Arts Management in Japan

Group of students from the Drucker School of Management standing next to a yellow wall

Students from the Drucker School of Management’s MA in Arts Management Program, a shared program with CGU’s School of Arts & Humanities, recently returned from an arts immersion trip to Japan. This visit was part of their curriculum, designed to immerse them in global arts management practices.

Their journey kicked off with visits to a variety of venues that bridge the gap between traditional and modern art. Highlights included the innovative CUPNOODLES Museum, where creativity meets consumer products, and the digital wonder of teamLab Borderless, showcasing the cutting edge of art and technology. The trip wasn’t just about viewing art; it was also interactive and hands-on, offering students a real-world understanding of arts management.

People walking in a CUPNOODLES Museum in Japan. White walls, clear shelves with various cups of noodles.

Each stop was chosen to offer insights into different aspects of arts management, from the operational challenges of running a venue to curating exhibitions that attract a global audience. Visits to historical sites like the Kabuki-za Theatre and contemporary spaces such as BankART 1929 provided a comprehensive look at Japan’s rich art scene.

Engagement with professionals in the field, including a notable talk with artist Tamaki Hosobuchi, allowed students to gain practical insights and advice. These interactions were crucial, highlighting the realities of working in the arts sector and the importance of building a broad, international network.

Smiling people with the trees and pagoda on the background

Making sure to add moments of cultural immersion, the itinerary included discovering what Japan had to offer. From exploring the Tokyo Skytree and Asakusa Senso-ji Temple to dining at local Izakaya-style restaurants, these experiences enriched the students’ understanding of the cultural context in which Japan’s art scene operates.

This trip to Japan represents the Drucker School’s commitment to providing an education that extends beyond the classroom. By experiencing arts management in a different cultural context, students gained valuable insights and perspectives that will inform their future careers. The journey was a practical extension of their studies, offering a glimpse into the complexities and rewards of managing art on an international stage.

Blooming sakura tree and a pagoda on the background