Welcome to the Transdisciplinary Studies program at Claremont Graduate University.

Our program serves to foster an environment where faculty, students, and staff are the conduit for transdisciplinary development. It is a resource to create facilitative spaces, support transdisciplinary scholarship, and serve as an intellectual hub of the CGU community. Through the Transdisciplinary Studies program, we provide a platform for the CGU community to transform education in order to meet challenges that are deeply entrenched, constantly evolving, and excitingly complex.

People often, and rightly, ask: What is transdisciplinarity?

The transdisciplinary model is most useful as a problem becomes more complex. Specialists representing different disciplines collectively interact within the problem, each area adapting its approach to negotiate an innovative resolution with other team members.

A transdisciplinary approach asks researchers to follow the problem to create groundbreaking solutions. When you come to CGU to conduct research, you’re joining a community of curious collaborators committed to enriching society and human life through transdisciplinary innovation. We look forward to working with you.


Andrew Vosko
Director of Transdisciplinary Studies