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The September 2015 issue of the Pedant welcomes the new academic year and focuses on change. We cover the president’s change in title, new legislation regarding work/study, and the new search system at the library. Le Bonne Vivante goes to the drive-in for a change in scenery, and we discuss the changing social-media climate in the feature story. This issue also inaugurates a big change for the Pedant itself. We’ve revamped some of the design elements to better coalesce with university publications writ large. Also, after many years under the guidance of Intrepid Editor Rachel Tie, this once-lowly writer has moved up the ontological chain of being to editor-in-chief of your ever-helpful student newsletter.


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THE PEDANT • September 2015

• Editor's Note

• Interim Title Removed

• All in a Day’s Work

• Up and Running

• Dollars for Sick Days

• Library launches new search function and technologies

• Respect, Diversity, Inclusion new council gears up for changes

• The Rules of Social Media in Grad School: how to pack a punch without getting bruised

• La Bonne Vivante

• Student Achievements




“Piled Higher and Deeper” by Jorge Cham