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The May 2014 issue of the Pedant features an introduction to CGU's new Director of Financial Aid, campus news, student achievements, and more.


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Information on everything from financing your education to
how to write a dissertation.

      • Out and About the 5Cs

      • Teaching Community College

      CGU Study Abroad

      Guide to Self-Publishing

      Writing a Dissertation

      CGU Club Guide



• Editor's Note

• New financial aid director

• Heirs to the iron throne

• Payback time

• T-studies

• WASC {re}commendations

• Digital Learning Lab

• Hagelbargers

• La Flâneuse: the Claremont Wanderer

• Student Achievements



We need a new flâneuse or flâneur*! Could it be you? Please take the following quiz (one point for each “yes” answer):

1. Are you excellent at deadlines and able to churn out columns of roughly 800 words four times a year for *mumblemumble* an amount of money that is higher than $0? (non-negotiable red letter dates: August 1, November 1, February 15, and March 15.)

2. Do you have a strong, clear writing voice, a sharp creative instinct, and a seemingly endless vocabulary? (If you’ve already managed to convince someone else to pay you for your writing, add two points. If you sleep with the Chicago Manual of Style under your pillow, add two more.)

3. Are you confident enough as a writer that you love to get constructive feedback from a thoughtful, sharp-as-a-tack editor?

4. Are you willing to develop story ideas in close collaboration with the editorial team and Pedant staff and work together in the field?

5. Are you willing to go to new places and try new things and generally leave yourself open to the possibility of public humiliation in order to get the best photo and tell the best story? In other words, have you been a grad student long enough to have lost all sense of shame? (I see you, person who’s no longer shy about walking away from that private event to which you may or may not have been invited with a heaping plate of cheese.)

6. Do you have a terrific sense of humor and an unerring instinct for
when irreverence is appropriate?

7. Most important: do you have a fierce love for your fellow grad students and your neighborhood, one that’s maybe not-so-hidden behind a layer of sarcasm or humor or what-have-you, and are you bursting to share that love with your CGU community?

If you scored seven or higher (before the bonus points), we want to hear from you! Send a resume, a 600-800 word writing sample in the style of the Flâneuse column, and a cover letter that describes your qualifications and tells us how much longer you plan to be at CGU (story ideas also welcome) to by June 15. Don’t delay! The glamorous, high-stakes world of university journalism awaits!

*We’re open to changing the name of the column, so if you have another alter-ego, pitch it to us, keeping in mind our commitment to high-mindedness, humor, irreverence, and sophistication. (Fake nose and mustache or other props optional.)