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The March  2014 issue of the Pedant focuses on where we are and where we are going. The news section includes a story on the retooled Career Development Office and how it aims to help students develop long-term career plans; a focus on studying abroad (and who doesn’t want to knock out that T-course at a UNESCO World Heritage site?); and the rigamarole of publishing your dissertation if you plan to graduate. We also discuss change: The sad departure of President Freund from CGU, and the upcoming GSC elections.


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Information on everything from financing your education to
how to write a dissertation.

      • Out and About the 5Cs

      • Teaching Community College

      CGU Study Abroad

      Guide to Self-Publishing

      Writing a Dissertation

      CGU Club Guide


THE PEDANT • March 2015

• Editor's Note

• Job Boss

• Take a Bath

• President Freund

• Dissertation Publication for Graduation

• GSC year in review (and the year to come)

• Schmoozing 101: Networking basics for grad students

• La Bonne Vivante

• Student Achievements

• Events Calendar




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