Earn a Certificate in Evaluation from a top-tier graduate university—from anywhere in the world.

The Certificate of Advanced Study in Evaluation equips you with advanced methodologies for conducting evaluation at the intersection of theory and practice, emphasizing on-the-ground practice. In intimate cohorts with a favorable student-faculty ratio, you can build and renew your skills in the rapidly expanding field of evaluation. The certificate of advanced study in evaluation program covers the five key areas of professional evaluation:

  1. Reflective practice
  2. Technical practice
  3. Situational practice
  4. Management practice
  5. Interpersonal practice

The program culminates with a practicum experience tailored to your current practice or research interests. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your performance in your current occupation or are looking to develop new career opportunities, this concentration meets your needs with state-of-the-art training in evaluation theory, methods, practice, and research.

Program Highlights
  • Non-Residential Certificate Program in Evaluation–The Division of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences (DBOS) offers select applicants admission to our high-quality, competency-based certificate program, which can be completed from anywhere in the world.
  • Live Online and Conference Call Training Sessions–Discuss evaluation theory, practice, and methods with some of the most accomplished thought leaders in the field.
  • Accreditation–Claremont Graduate University is one of the only fully accredited universities to offer a certificate of advanced study in evaluation.

Program at a Glance

8 units

2 semesters


Fall | Spring

Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences

Certificate of Advanced Study in Evaluation

Featured Courses

PSYCH 306h
Advanced Evaluation Science Practicum

Develops and executes a research project with a faculty supervisor, who is conducting an ongoing research program, through a 10-hour-per-week commitment.

PSYCH 317a
Advanced Seminar in Evaluation Theory, Practice & Research

Addresses competencies related to reflective and situational practice.

PSYCH 316a
Advanced Methods for Evaluation

Addresses competencies related to technical and management practice.


Core Courses

  • Advanced Seminar in Evaluation Theory, Practice and Research (4 units over one 16-week semester)
  • Advanced Evaluation Science Practicum (2 units over one eight-week module)
  • Advanced Methods for Evaluation (2 units over one eight-week module)

*Each course is co-taught by two faculty members who interact with a small cohort of participants using an online and conference call format.

Professional Development in Evaluation
Entails 24 hours of relevant professional development from an approved provider, such as professional development workshops taken at annual professional association meetings, including:
American Evaluation Association
Canadian Evaluation Society
European Evaluation Society
Australasian Evaluation Association

Competency-Based Exam
The capstone of the program is a competency-based examination that takes place at completion and ensures a level of professional and academic excellence.

Professional Development Workshops

CGU hosts annual workshops to supplement professional development on such key topics as:

  • Reflective Practice
  • Basics of Evaluation & Applied Research Methods
  • Interpersonal Practice
  • Applied Multiple Regression
  • Using Systems Theories to Improve Evaluation Practice: Promise and Pitfalls
  • Creating Effective Surveys for Applied Research
  • CGU’s Summer Professional Development Workshop Program
  • CGU’s Evaluators’ Institute
Faculty & Research
  • Stewart I. Donaldson profile image

    Stewart I. Donaldson

    Distinguished University Professor
    Executive Director, Claremont Evaluation Center
    Director, The Evaluators' Institute (TEI)

    Research Interests

    Positive Psychology, Positive Organizational & Community Development, Optimal Health & Well-Being

    Affiliated with

    Claremont Evaluation Center

    The Evaluators’ Institute

  • Michael Scriven profile image

    Michael Scriven

    Distinguished Professor

    Research Interests

    Philosophy, Mathematics, Evaluation methodologies, Critical thinking, Technology studies, Computer studies

  • Tarek Azzam profile image

    Tarek Azzam

    Senior Visiting Fellow

    Research Interests

    Social Research and Methodologies, Policy & Program Evaluations, Data Visualization and Evaluation

Extended Faculty

Christina Christie

University of California, Los Angeles

Research Interests

Applied evaluation research studies, research on evaluation practice, theoretical analysis

Rebecca Eddy

Cobblestone Applied Research & Evaluation, Inc.

Research Interests

Applied research and program evaluation in education

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