Tuition and Fees

Estimated Tuition (California Residents, Non-Residents, International)
Program 40-48 units
Tuition per unit $1,902


Student Fees (per Semester)
$200 Student Fee
$100 Technology
$316 International Student Services (international students only)

For estimates of room & board, books, etc., please download CGU’s Cost of Attendance 2017-2018 .


Fellowship Opportunities

Merit-based Fellowships

Merit-based fellowships are awarded to students based on the recommendation of each academic department. Fellowships are offered based on enrollment in 12-16 units each semester. If enrollment changes, fellowships are adjusted. CGU is committed to honoring the awarded level of fellowship support throughout a student’s time in coursework as long as Satisfactory Academic Progress is maintained.


Military Fellowship


Federal Programs

To be eligible for federal programs, you must complete the FAFSA.


Post-Coursework Fees

Continuous Registration Fee: $1,254 per semester
Doctoral Study Fee: $2,083 per semester

Claremont Graduate University is mindful of the evolving financial concerns of students over the course of pursuing a graduate degree. Therefore, during stages like qualifying exams, thesis research and composition, and dissertation defense, we ask that students pay a flat, per-semester fee—rather than full tuition cost per unit—in order to maintain enrollment. Conversely, this fee is not incurred when students are enrolled in courses.

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