The Institute for Mathematical Sciences (IMS) is home to renowned faculty conducting top-level research their fields of study. IMS faculty provide students personalized attention and professional mentorship, collaborating with and guiding them through the graduate school experience.


Core Faculty
John Angus profile image

John Angus

Professor of Mathematics
Director, Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Marina Chugunova profile image

Marina Chugunova

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Program Director, PhD in Engineering & Industrial Applied Mathematics

Ellis Cumberbatch profile image

Ellis Cumberbatch

Professor of Mathematics Emeritus

Adrin Gharakhani profile image

Adrin Gharakhani

Research Professor of Mathematics

Hrushikesh Mhaskar profile image

Hrushikesh Mhaskar

Research Professor of Mathematics

Ali Nadim profile image

Ali Nadim

Professor of Mathematics
Joseph H. Pengilly Chair in Mathematics

Andrew Nguyen profile image

Andrew Nguyen

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

Qidi Peng profile image

Qidi Peng

Research Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Allon Percus profile image

Allon Percus

Professor of Mathematics

Claudia Rangel-Escareño profile image

Claudia Rangel-Escareño

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

Alpan Raval profile image

Alpan Raval

Senior Research Fellow in Mathematics

Henry Schellhorn profile image

Henry Schellhorn

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Academic Director, Financial Engineering Program

Adjunct Faculty

Robert O. Abad

Adjunct Faculty, Financial Engineering

Kenneth Abbott

Senior Research Fellow, Financial Engineering/Math

Peter Bergevin

Adjunct Faculty, Financial Engineering

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Admissions Representatives
  • Jake Campbell

    Senior Assistant Director of Admissions and Veteran Outreach

    T: 909-607-3024 (Direct)

    T: 909-607-7811 (Central Admissions)



    Mathematics, Information Systems & Technology, Veterans Benefits