Portrait of Marina Chugunova
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  • Degrees
    PhD, Mathematics, McMaster University
    Candidate of Math.Sc., Mathematical Analysis, Ulyanovsk University
    M.Sc., Mathematics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
    B.Sc., Applied Mathematics and Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Research Interests
    Surfactant-driven thin film flows in biomedical applications; Nonlinear parabolic equations; Stability problems in fluid dynamics; Scientific computations; Applied operator theory; Sturm-Liouville problems

Professor of Mathematics Marina Chugunova joined the Institute of Mathematical Sciences at Claremont Graduate University in 2012.

Chugunova’s research interests include thin liquid films with applications to coating flows, biofluids, microfluidic engineering, and medicine; analysis of nonlinear parabolic PDEs; applied operator theory with applications to spectral stability problems in fluid dynamics; scientific computations; and Sturm-Liouville problems with spectral parameter dependent boundary conditions. Her current project examines interface dynamics for surfactant-driven thin films.

Before joining CGU in 2012, Chugunova held multiple positions in mathematics and computing. She was a postdoctoral fellow and course coordinator in mathematics at University of Toronto as well as a tutorial instructor and teaching assistant at McMaster University. Prior to that, Chugunova was a research associate and lecturer at the Ulyanovsk Teacher’s Training State University in her homeland of Russia, where she delivered lectures on topics in numerical methods and conducted research on topics of parameter-dependent eigenvalue problems. She worked previously as a software developer for Uliyanovsk Center of Microelectronics. A Microsoft Certified Data Base Administrator (MCDBA) and Microsoft Certified Programmer (MCP), Chugunova is fluent in C/C++, MATLAB, Maple, MPI, and Open MP, among other programming languages.

Chugunova is the recipient of numerous awards and grants, including a Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant, Atkinson Teaching Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching at University of Toronto, and a Summer Research Grant for MACSI (Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry) at the University of Limerick.

M. Chugunova, R. Taranets, The interface dynamics of a surfactant drop on a thin viscous film, European Journal of Applied Mathematics, 1(2017): 1–31.

D. Kang, A. Nadim, M. Chugunova, Dynamics and equilibria of thin viscous coating films on a rotating sphere, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 791, 495–518 (2016).

I. Krasnyuk, M. Chugunova, R. Taranets, The surface-induced spatial-temporal structures in confined binary alloys, Physica A, 415, 19–30 (2014).

M. Chugunova, S. Pyatkov, Compactly supported solutions for a rimming flow model, Nonlinearity 27(4), 803–822, (2014)

M. Chugunova, R. Taranets, Nonnegative weak solutions for a degenerate system modelling the spreading of surfactant on thin films, Applied Mathematics Research Express, 1, 102–126, (2013).

Applied Probability
Advanced Numerical Analysis
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
Continuous Mathematical Modeling