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Hemispheric & Transnational Studies engages in the comparative analysis of culture and history in the Americas to explore how scholarship on the Atlantic, borderlands, and diaspora has reshaped American Studies, Caribbean Studies, and Latin American Studies, emphasizing the topics of empire, race, and revolution.

One of the intellectual aims of Hemispheric Studies is to explore how the “transnational turn” in the academy sets new agendas for scholarship. Students explore how scholarship on the Atlantic, borderlands, and diaspora have reshaped U.S. American Studies, Caribbean Studies, and Latin American Studies. Requirements for the concentration are dictated according to the department/program in which the student is enrolled.

The Hemispheric and Transnational Studies concentration is available to students in the Applied Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, English, History, and Religion programs. The concentration is awarded in conjunction with the MA or PhD and is noted on the transcript as an additional area of qualification.


The School of Arts & Humanities lets you tailor your program to target your specific interests. You’ll conduct research across disciplines to approach problems in new ways, all in an intimate, collegial learning environment where faculty-mentors offer you personal attention, and opportunities for collaborative, interdisciplinary scholarship abound.

Interdisciplinary Concentrations

This interdisciplinary concentration is available for students pursuing the following degree programs:

Featured Courses

ENG 467
U.S. Latino/a/x Literature & Culture

Takes an interdisciplinary approach to Latin/x literature and cultural production, exploring key themes such as hybrid identities, U.S. imperialism, and the Latinization of urban America.

CLST 308
Comparative Cultural Studies Traditions: Latin American & the U.S.

Explores foundational theories of Cultural Studies as practiced in the United States based on English origins, Latin American and Latino/a influence, Marxist theory, and cultural materialism.

CLST 462
Black Diaspora Cultural Studies

Analyzes black diasporic cultural production and socio-political theory from the nineteenth century to the present in the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States.

CLST 489
Remembering Trauma: Museums, Memorials & Commemoration

Examines the role that museums and memorials have played in shaping the general process of coming to terms with past acts of state-sponsored violence, war, and genocide.

ENG 323
Harlem Renaissance & Literature of the Americas

Explores the writings of the Harlem Renaissance as intimately connected to a broader literature of the Americas, examining meanings of race, gender, and nationalism in the early 20th century.

ENG 456
Hemispheric Americas Studies

Examines the literature and culture of the Americas from the 19th century to the present, focusing on nation, race, empire, and violence.

Program Requirements

Master of Arts
• 16 units in seminars designated as hemispheric or transnational in scope
• A capstone/final paper (in Cultural Studies only) on hemispheric or transnational literatures or cultural theories
• One language requirement in Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Creole. (Other languages may be considered by request.) The language requirement serves as a Research Tool for Cultural Studies.

Same as MA, with the added requirement of either a major or minor qualifying field examination in Hemispheric Studies, determined in consultation with the advisor.

Note: in some cases, fulfilling the requirements of this concentration as well as the core requirements for the student’s degree may involve additional units or Research Tools. Students should always consult with an academic advisor before adding a concentration to their degree program.

Faculty & Research

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