The School of Arts & Humanities (SAH) is home to renowned faculty conducting top-level research in their fields of study. SAH faculty-scholars provide students with individualized attention and professional mentorship, collaborating and guiding them across the graduate school experience.

  • David Amico profile image

    David Amico

    Professor of Art
    Roland Reiss Endowed Chair in Art

    Research Interests

    Art, Painting

  • Peter Boyer profile image

    Peter Boyer

    Professor of Music
    Helen M. Smith Chair in Music

    Research Interests

    Composition, Conducting, American film music, 20th- and 21st-Century music, American composers

  • Anne Bray profile image

    Anne Bray

    Adjunct Professor of Art

    Research Interests

    Socially engaged art, Video, Public art, Photography

  • Janet Farrell Brodie profile image

    Janet Farrell Brodie

    Professor of History

    Research Interests

    Cold War, War and American history, Women and gender

  • Eric Bulson profile image

    Eric Bulson

    Professor of English



    Research Interests

    James Joyce, Modernism, Critical theory, Media studies, World literature, Visual storytelling, British and Anglophone literature (1850–2000)

  • David Cressy profile image

    David Cressy

    Research Professor of History

    Research Interests

    Early modern European history; Power, culture, and the state; Race, ethnicity, and nation

  • Ingolf Dalferth profile image

    Ingolf Dalferth

    Danforth Professor of Philosophy of Religion

    Research Interests

    Philosophical and theological hermeneutics, Ecumenical theology, Subjectivity theory, Religion and emotion

  • Nicola Denzey Lewis profile image

    Nicola Denzey Lewis

    Margot L. Goldsmith Chair in Women’s Studies in Religion

    Research Interests

    Social and Intellectual History of the Roman Empire, Gnosticism, Women’s Studies, Religion in the Roman Empire and Late Roman Empire, Late Antiquity

  • Patricia Easton profile image

    Patricia Easton

    Executive Vice President and Provost
    Professor of Philosophy

    Research Interests

    Philosophy, History of modern philosophy, Philosophy of mind, History of science

  • Cynthia Eller profile image

    Cynthia Eller

    Professor of Religion

    Research Interests

    Women and religion, new religious movements, methods and theories in the study of religion, religion in North America

  • Lori Anne Ferrell profile image

    Lori Anne Ferrell

    John D. and Lillian Maguire Distinguished Professor in the Humanities
    Chair, English Department
    Director, Early Modern Studies Program
    Director, Kingsley & Kate Tufts Poetry Awards

    Research Interests

    English Renaissance and Reformation Literature; Early Modern British and European History; Reformation Studies

  • Gawdat Gabra profile image

    Gawdat Gabra

    Clinical Professor of Coptic Studies

    Research Interests

    Religion, Coptic studies, Egyptian Christianity

  • Joshua Goode profile image

    Joshua Goode

    Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and History
    Chair, History Department

    Research Interests

    Modern Spain, 19th- and 20th-century Europe, Genocide and racial thought, Museums and commemoration, Memory

  • Iva Gueorguieva profile image

    Iva Gueorguieva

    Adjunct Professor of Art

    Research Interests

    Art, Painting

  • Julian Hoeber profile image

    Julian Hoeber

    Adjunct Professor of Art

    Research Interests

    Sculpture, Installation

  • Robert Hudspeth profile image

    Robert Hudspeth

    Research Professor of English

    Research Interests

    Margaret Fuller, Henry David Thoreau

  • Carmine Iannaccone profile image

    Carmine Iannaccone

    Adjunct Professor of Art

    Research Interests

    Art, Painting, Sculpture

  • Ruqayya Y. Khan profile image

    Ruqayya Y. Khan

    Associate Professor of Religion
    Malas Chair of Islamic Studies

    Research Interests

    The Qur'an, Arabic literatures, Progressive Islamic theologies, Women in Islam, Islam and environmental ethics, Islam and the digital age

  • Henry Krips profile image

    Henry Krips

    Professor of Cultural Studies
    Andrew E. Mellon All Claremont Chair of Humanities

    Research Interests

    Cultural studies; Contemporary European philosophy; Foundations of quantum mechanics; Foucault, Freud, and Lacan; Philosophy of science;
    Social theory; Science studies

  • Rachel Lachowicz profile image

    Rachel Lachowicz

    Associate Professor of Studio Art
    Chair, Art Department

    Research Interests

    Studio art, Installation art

  • Daniel Lewis profile image

    Daniel Lewis

    Research Associate Professor of History

    Research Interests

    History of science, American history, Latin American history, Environmental history

  • David Luis-Brown profile image

    David Luis-Brown

    Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and English
    Chair, Cultural Studies Department
    Director, Africana Studies Program

    Research Interests

    Hemispheric Americas studies, Latino/a/x studies, Black diaspora studies, American literature and culture

  • Wendy Martin profile image

    Wendy Martin

    Professor of American Literature and American Studies

    Research Interests

    American literature and culture, American poetry, American studies, Women’s studies, Transdisciplinary studies

  • Patrick Mason profile image

    Patrick Mason

    Dean, School of Arts & Humanities
    Associate Professor of Religion
    Howard W. Hunter Chair of Mormon Studies
    Chair, Religion Department

    Research Interests

    Religion, Mormonism, Peace studies, American religious history

  • Anselm Min profile image

    Anselm Min

    Professor of Religion

    Research Interests

    Theology of globalization, Liberation theology, Religious pluralism, Comparative theology, Contemporary systematic theology, Postmodern philosophy and theology

  • Eve Oishi profile image

    Eve Oishi

    Associate Professor of Cultural Studies

    Research Interests

    Cultural studies, Media studies, Feminist and queer theory

  • David Pagel profile image

    David Pagel

    Professor of Art Theory and History

    Research Interests

    Art, Art media, Painting

  • Linda Perkins profile image

    Linda Perkins

    Associate University Professor
    Director, Applied Women’s Studies

    Research Interests

    Women and African-American higher education

  • JoAnna Poblete profile image

    JoAnna Poblete

    Associate Professor of History

    Research Interests

    Colonialism and empire, Migration and labor, Comparative ethnic studies,
    Asian-American and Pacific Islander studies, 20th-century United States

  • Daniel Ramírez profile image

    Daniel Ramírez

    Associate Professor of Religion

    Research Interests

    American religious history; Latin American religious history; Religion, migration, and transnationalism; Religion in borderlands; Contemporary theories of religion

  • Michael Reafsnyder profile image

    Michael Reafsnyder

    Adjunct Professor of Art

    Research Interests

    Art, Painting

  • Jenny Rose profile image

    Jenny Rose

    Adjunct Faculty

    Research Interests


  • Enrico Mario Santí profile image

    Enrico Mario Santí

    Research Professor of English

    Research Interests

    Latin American literatures and cultures, modern poetry, critical theory and cultural studies, Cuban and Caribbean culture, post-colonial studies, intellectual history, modern painting

  • Tammi J. Schneider profile image

    Tammi J. Schneider

    Professor of Religion

    Research Interests

    Ancient Near Eastern history, literature, archaeology, and religion;
    Women in the Hebrew Bible

  • Nicole Seisler profile image

    Nicole Seisler

    Joan and David Lincoln Visiting Professor of Ceramics

    Research Interests

    Ceramics, Sculpture, Installation, Public art, Social practice

  • Sallama Shaker profile image

    Sallama Shaker

    Full Clinical Professor of Middle East and Islamic Studies

    Research Interests

    Power politics, religion, and culture in the Middle East; Feminization of poverty and global challenges; Islam state politics; Islamic feminism; Cultural diversity; Globalization

  • Nancy van Deusen profile image

    Nancy van Deusen

    Professor of Music
    Louis and Mildred Benezet Chair in the Humanities

    Research Interests

    Piano, Musicology, Music theory

  • Masahiro Yamada profile image

    Masahiro Yamada

    Associate Professor of Philosophy
    Chair, Philosophy Department

    Research Interests

    Epistemology, Action Theory, Philosophy of Mind

  • Charles Young profile image

    Charles Young

    Professor of Philosophy

    Research Interests

    Ancient philosophy, Aristotle, Plato

  • Robert Zappulla profile image

    Robert Zappulla

    Fred W. Smith and Grace Hobson Smith Chair in Music
    Chair, Music Department

    Research Interests

    Harpsichord, Historical performance practices, Baroque music

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