Kevin Wolfe

Kevin Wolfe is an assistant professor in the Religion Department with an emphasis on philosophy and religious thought. Wolfe’s work focuses on the blurry terrain between religious thought and political theory. He is currently completing his manuscript Justifying Democracy beyond Nietzsche’s Critique for publication, and will be turning his attention to his second book project tentatively titled Democratic Social Criticism Beyond Jeremiad. In this project, Wolfe looks at the ways in which social criticism in the U.S. remains circumscribed by the rhetorical form and tropes of the Jeremiad, and thus remains unable to redress contemporary problems of race. By illuminating the mechanisms which limit the audience’s political imaginations, his book aims to imagine a way beyond the Jeremiad.

“Pragmatism, Racial Solidarity, and the Negotiation of Social Practices: Evading the Problem of ‘Problem Solving’ Talk.” Critical Philosophy of Race 5, no. 1 (2017).

Pessimism and the Affirmation of Existence
Introduction to Philosophy of Religion and Theology
Religion and the Post-Colonial Imagination