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The MA in Art program introduces the fundamentals of contemporary art-making, allowing you to gain the knowledge and skills to understand and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

At a time when artists are called upon to perform a widening range of tasks and art is increasingly integrated with other practices, fields, and careers, our structured yet highly customizable program gives you the opportunity to become an artist whose works engages the world by changing it.

Program Highlights

Program At a Glance

30 units

1 year

*This estimate assumes full-time registration and pursuit of the degree. Actual completion times will vary and may be higher, depending on full- or part-time course registration, units transferred, and time to complete other degree requirements.

Fall | Spring


MA in Art

Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Our Visiting Artist Lecture Series exposes you to professionals and practitioners with deep experience and insight. Visiting artists help mentor students, foster innovative projects, and promote intercollegiate collaboration. The lectures are free and open to the public.

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30 Required Units Include:

  • 15 units of studio art
  • 8 units of graduate seminars
  • 3 units of spatial engagement practicum
  • 2 units of written/video statement practicum
  • 2 units of MA project, working with graduate committee chair and members

Oral Advancement to Candidacy
Pass an oral advancement to candidacy. Based on your work over one semester, your written statement and the proposal for your final project, the oral advancement to candidacy is held after completion of approximately 15 units of coursework.

Final Exhibition of Works
Present a final exhibition of works, including installing, lighting, and publicizing the exhibition; hosting the reception; and speaking publicly at the event.

Curriculum Breakdown

Year 1
Semester Courses Total Units
Fall Studio Art (7 units), Graduate Seminar (4 units), Spatial Engagement Practicum (3 units), Written/Video Statement Practicum (1 unit) 15 Units
Spring Studio Art (8 units), Graduate Seminar (4 units), MA project (2 units), Written/Video Statement Practicum (1 unit) 15 Units

Faculty & Research

Extended Faculty

Lisa Anne Auerbach

Pomona College

Research Interests

Art, Knitting

Adam Davis

Scripps College

Research Interests

Art, Ceramics, Sculpture

Ken Fandell

Harvey Mudd College

Research Interests

Art, Photography, Sculpture

Ken Gonzales-Day

Scripps College

Research Interests

Art, art criticism, art theory, photography,race and racial formation

George Gorse

Pomona College

Research Interests

Italian Renaissance art and architecture; Italian Baroque art and architecture; Medieval art history; history of cities, palaces, villas, and gardens; history of Genoa

Kasper Kovitz

Scripps College

Research Interests

Studio Arts, Art Theory

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