The dual MSIST/MAM degree offers robust foundations in technology and management that prepare graduates for IS&T leadership roles in business, government, education, and other areas.

Designed for recent college graduates or early-career IS&T professionals seeking to expand competencies in management and business practices, the MS in Information Systems & Technology/MA in Management readies graduates for innovative roles in technology-related industries. The MSIST offers a distinctive blend of practice-based IS&T courses within a renowned research environment, while the MAM fast-tracks students toward achieving essential management knowledge and specialized training in a functional area. A jointly offered program from the Drucker School of Management and Center for Information Systems and Technology (CISAT), the MSIST/MAM degree gives you the technical and managerial skills needed to succeed in the Information Systems & Technology realm now and in the future.

Program Highlights
  • You earn two degrees simultaneously from expert faculty in both areas, increase your marketability, and gain a distinct competitive advantage in the professional IS&T marketplace.
  • Applicants for fall, spring, and summer admission are strongly encouraged to submit complete applications by the priority deadlines in order to assure maximum consideration for both admission and fellowships.
  • The program consists of 14 courses and 56 total units. MSIST and MAM coursework can be undertaken simultaneously and provides the full scope of coursework offered by both schools.
  • Well-equipped research clinics and laboratories offered by CISAT enable you to work directly on applied and academic research, including:
    • IDEA Lab
    • Intelligent Systems Lab
    • Advanced GIS
    • Social Learning

Program at a Glance

56 units

2–2.5 years

*Actual completion times will vary and may be higher, depending on full- or part-time course registration, units transferred, and time to complete other degree requirements.

Fall | Spring | Summer

MS in Information Systems & Technology, MA in Management

Featured Courses

IST 305
Management of Information Systems & Technology

Provides a deep understanding of what is involved in building and leveraging an effective Information Technology (IT) organization within the enterprise.

MGT 345
Organizational Behavior

Introduces fundamental skills students will need to understand, diagnose, and manage organizational behavior in order to attain the organization’s mission more effectively.

IST 302

Introduces concepts and techniques for database design and management emphasizing the relational model, query optimization and performance tuning, and more.

MGT 511
Financial Accounting

Introduces financial accounting—the language of business—from the perspective of the user/manager, with particular focus on basic rules governing the preparation of financial statements and the flexibility that exists within these rules.

MGT 306
Business Analytics I

Introduces statistical methodology to think critically about real world issues, with specific application to problems of business and economics, including risk management, forecasting, optimization, and statistical inference.

IST 303
Software Development

Provides an understanding of modern software development principles and practices to support more advanced information systems and technology courses.


Management Core (20 units)
Organizational Behavior
Quantitative Methods
Financial Accounting
MGT Elective 1
MGT Elective 2

Information Systems & Technology Core (24 units)
Databases & Big Data
Software Development & Programming
Management of Information Systems & Technology
IST Elective 1
IST Elective 2
IST Elective 3

Elective/Concentration Area (12 units)
General Elective 1*
General Elective 2*
General Elective 3*
*12 units can count for credit toward both programs

Faculty & Research

  • Samir Chatterjee profile image

    Samir Chatterjee

    Fletcher Jones Chair of Technology Design & Management

    Research Interests

    Design science research, Health informatics, Electronics and telecommunication engineering

  • Terry Ryan profile image

    Terry Ryan

    Professor of Information Systems & Technology

    Research Interests

    Management information systems, Programming, Software development, Research methods, Statistics

  • Yan Li profile image

    Yan Li

    Associate Professor of Information Systems & Technology

    Research Interests

    Data science, Data mining, Analytics, Semantic technologies, Databases, Data warehousing, Business intelligence, ICT4D

  • Tamir Bechor profile image

    Tamir Bechor

    Research Fellow

    Research Interests

    Cybersecurity, IT leadership and management

  • Brian Hilton profile image

    Brian Hilton

    Clinical Full Professor

    Research Interests

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Management Information Systems (MIS), GIS solution development, Data analytics

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