Terry Ryan

Terry Ryan is a professor in Claremont Graduate University’s Center for Information Systems and Technology (CISAT). His research and teaching have long been concerned with how people communicate about and with information technology. After leaving the corporate world, Ryan became an accomplished IS&T researcher. Much of this work has been done at CGU in CISAT.

After receiving a BA in Psychology from Purdue University, Ryan received his MBA and PhD in Management Information Systems from Indiana University. Since then, Ryan has taught at Marquette University, Southern Illinois University, Indiana University South Bend, and CGU. Ryan joined CISAT in 2001, and since then he has served as associate professor, dean, and full professor.

Together with Lorne Olfman, Ryan has been running the Social Learning Software Lab ([SL]2) for several years, working with students and visiting researchers on the design and implementation of tools to promote social learning in all its forms.

Ryan has recently published several articles in journals such as the International Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, and Journal of Database Management. He continues to teach the following courses at CGU: Introduction to Information Systems & Technology Research, Software Development & Programming, and Quantitative Research Methods.

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Introduction to Information Systems & Technology Research
Software Development & Programming
Quantitative Research Methods