The Center for Information Systems & Technology features world-class faculty conducting top-level research across IS&T fields. Our faculty-scholars provide individualized attention and professional mentorship to students, collaborating with and guiding them across the graduate school experience.


Core Faculty
Tamir Bechor profile image

Tamir Bechor

Clinical Associate Professor

Samir Chatterjee profile image

Samir Chatterjee

Fletcher Jones Chair of Technology Design & Management

Brian Hilton profile image

Brian Hilton

Clinical Associate Professor

Yan Li profile image

Yan Li

Assistant Professor of Information Systems & Technology

Andrew Joseph Marx profile image

Andrew Joseph Marx

Assistant Professor of Geographic Information Systems

Lorne Olfman profile image

Lorne Olfman

Professor and Director
Center for Information Systems & Technology

Warren Roberts profile image

Warren Roberts

Terry Ryan profile image

Terry Ryan

Professor of Information Systems & Technology


Adjunct Faculty

Anthony Corso

Adjunct Faculty


Zachary Dodds

Adjunct Faculty


Itamar Shabtai

Adjunct Faculty


Barbara Usher

Adjunct Faculty


Xuesong Zhang

Adjunct Faculty

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Admissions Representatives
  • Jake Campbell

    Senior Assistant Director of Admissions and Veteran Outreach

    T: 909-607-3024 (Direct)

    T: 909-607-7811 (Central Admissions)



    Mathematics, Information Systems & Technology, Veterans Benefits